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going resolution wore convoyed to Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Morley, and Sir William Harcourt.
Mr. Gladstone received the delegates (at 1 Carlton Gardens, the? residence of Mr., now Lord Bendol) with icy politeness, listened unmoved to Mr, Sexton's appealt and then frigidly road his reply. It came in offect to thin: * Tho question you have now to decide ii tho looclorHliip of the Irish party. 1 am not going to haves that question mixed xip with Home Bule. One question at a time. 1 hold the views on Home Kulo wltich I have always hold, and when the time comes for Introducing a new Home Bule Bill you shall know all about it. Meanwhile rest assured that 1 Khali introcluoo no Homo Bulo Bill which has not tho unanimous-? approval of the Irish party/ Tho Irish delegates triiul again and again to get a more satisfactory and defmito answer, but they tried in vain, and finally h«ft t'arlton Gardens in much distress. PanuM's flank movement had been repelled and the Irinh mombtim went tmco more brought face to faco with the tjueHtitm of tlio leadership, and the question of the loaciarnhipalono. It was an interesting game of bcitwtitin tho Grand Old Man and tho Grand Young Man, but tho former won.
At tltci mooting of tho Irish party on December (> the tlultigattm gave an account of thuir interview with Mr. (lladHtoiw, whctrcnipon Mr, John O'Connor, Par* ncillitti, movod, amid a sctmo of wild (^xcitenuuit;
* That having rtseoivod a mport of tho proceedings botwtutn Mr, CihulHtono and tho doiogatim of tho party appointed to confer with him, we ragrc^t to learn, and wo call lh« attontion of our ftillow-countryman to the** fact, that Mr, (tlacltitcmo rtifuntm to ontc»r into ungotia-tions with thu Irish party, or to Btatci bin views on thu; but tho Liberal IwttlurM having that Mr, CiliwI»ttJiin »h»ii!«l itU««* ctwl with tho nubjoct, it WHB llnttlly left ill hi • lmn<i ;.                   iH^^iblo mn-