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-*hv 44]                   PARNBLIAS SPEECH                           988
to Dublin, and to any that he could give necret information tending to throw a different complexion on hidden events ? Did 1 ? Why was Mr/Sexton away from thfo moating, when bin counBel might have been of Impor-tance to prevent thy ravelling up of a false situation1? Where wan he? Where were you all? Why did you encourage me to come forward and maintain my leadership in the face of the world if you were not to Btand by me? Why did my officer** encourage me to my position on the bridge and at the wheel, if they were going to act an traitors, and to hand mo over to the other Commander-in-Chief.'
The Anti-1'arnelliteg said not a word while the weakness of their petition was thus exposed with merciless logic.
It was whispered in the lobbies of the House of Commons and in this Liberal clubs, by way of excuse fur the conduct of the Antt-Parneilites in re-electing Parneil one day and throwing him over the next, that PitrneU htid said ho would retire provided they re-elected hint formally. F&rnall dealt with thin rumour in fashion, * Who set thin rumour afloat ? * lie naked. Homeone told him Mr, Tuohy, the able London editor of the * Freeman*H Journal* He at once Hummoned Mr. Tuohy to his side in Committee lioom 15, and demanded a full inquiry, there and then, into the subject
The scene which followed must be described.
lfr» Parndl. 'Thin in Mr, Tuohy who is wanted
in this matter.    Mr, Lane was under the impression,
Htated to the meeting, that he had received from
Mr, Tuohy a (statement, which he communicated to
Mr. Barry, that prior to the meeting on Tuesday 1 had
my intention of resigning in case I was re-ntm to ontc»r into ungotia-tions with thu Irish party, or to Btatci bin views on thu; but tho Liberal IwttlurM having that Mr, CiliwI»ttJiin »h»ii!«l itU««* ctwl with tho nubjoct, it WHB llnttlly left ill hi • lmn<i ;.                   iH^^iblo mn-