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286               CHAKLKS STEWAUT PAHNELL            [1890
Mr. Iloaly and Mr. Sexton had Haiti that Parnoll owed hi« position to tho parliamentary party. ParneH'8 reply wan full of tho imperial dignity and strength which characterised almost all his utterances. Ho told Mr. Sexton with perfect courtesy, but with clearness and truth, that it was ho who had made the parliamentary party, and not tho parliamentary party which had made him* Ho romimlocl every man in the room of tho jealousies, tho rivalries, tho dissension, which would have long since rended the party asunder but for his commanding influence. Ho stood there, he told thorn, not tho leader of a party, but tho leader of a nation. Ho said: ' My responsibility is derived from you, to some oxtont—to a           extent; but it is also
derived from a long train of circumstances and events* in which many of you—and 1            to you with tho
greatest roBpoot—-havo had no share. My position ha« boon granted to mo not because 1 am a more loader of a parliamentary party, but because 1 am tho loader of tho Irish nation. It has boon granted to moon account of the services which I have rendered in building up this party, in conciliating prejudices, in soothing differences of opinion, and in keeping together tho discordant elements of our race within tho bounds of moderation.1
One day there was a disorderly scene. Mr. Healy and Mr, Barry woro dinposad to iwi»t the ruling of tho chair; Pamoll asserted his authority with characteristic vigour.
Mr. Hcaly. * I lisa to a point of ordor. I ask if the chairman would be good enough to inform tuo what is the question           tho mooting ?f
Mr, JE. Harrington. 4 No, no, you         but-—*
Mr. PanwU* *A                   has           opened byr to Btatci bin views on thu; but tho Liberal IwttlurM having that Mr, CiliwI»ttJiin »h»ii!«l itU««* ctwl with tho nubjoct, it WHB llnttlly left ill hi • lmn<i ;.                   iH^^iblo mn-