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Mi. 44]                            A SCENE                                  287
Mr. Barry on the question of communication with the delegates in America, and that discussion will have to proceed to ite and/
Mr. Ilcaly. l Another pioce of puro obstruction/
ParnclL * I think that is a most Insolent and impertinent observation—a most insolent and impertinent observation/
Mr. Barry. * I rise—*
Parnell. ' Bit down, Mr, Harry, please/
Mt\ Harry. * Allow me—'
l*arnell. * I will not allow you, sir. Mr. Loamy IH in pOHscKKion, let him go on *; and Mr. Loamy wont OIL
Mr. Uealy said in tlus course of these debates in Committee Uuont 15 that Mr. 'Parnell wan 'judge/ ' i'tmnsrl/and 'defendant/ In a sense thin statement is tnu\ Parm-11 was himsrlf perhaps Uw last man who wuulil dost'twd to tin* rant of Haying that he had remit! in Committrt* Koom 15 to hold the balance
evenly betwetui tho jiiirtins......-that he had come to Hit
jtulicially, and, having heard the cliscuaHion, to put tho nmohttion dothroning hirn to the mooting. Ho camo to (Jowinitttw Boom 15, not to adjudicate but to fight, and to fight witlt IUH hiiak to tho wall Thoro can be no doubt wlmt«v«*r about that fact. * If you admit that/ an Anti-Parnullitu Raid, 'if you Ray that, din-tnmting and ilt^pi«ing tho whole lot of us, ho came to fight and to boat UH, thon of cottmo there cannot bo a cjttt^ticni but that ho fought according to tho rules of war, and with a nkill, an <mt*rgy, and a dash which, oxtortod admiration from aviary man in tho room./
* I thought I kiunv Parnull well,* Bays Mr. Hoidy, * but it wan only in (Committee Hoom 15 that I r<>aliH(»<l bin l)igtu*H8. No oiici man could luivo admired hiiiyou         but-—*