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288                CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL             [1890
genius, his resources, his generalship, in that fight more than I did.'
One night before the debates in Committee Boom 15 had concluded, Parnell sat in the Smoking-room of the House of Commons having a cup of tea with one of the Irish members. For some moments he remained quite silent; and then suddenly, as if thinking aloud, said: ' Yes, I always felt it would end in this way.' His companion said nothing. His first thought was that Parnell might be going to talk about the Divorce Court.
'Yes/ repeated the Chief, 'I always said it would end badly/
'What,' at length said his companion, 'what did you say would end badly ? '
1 The Plan of Campaign/ answered Parnell.1 was himsrlf perhaps Uw last man who wuulil dost'twd to tin* rant of Haying that he had remit! in Committrt* Koom 15 to hold the balance