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OHAKLKS STKWAUT FAItNKLL             [1890
and that ho would pay my expenses.    In Parliament Itself, of course, I. should In* self-supporting.
On Tuesday night, iVeemher 9, he started for Ireland, accompanied by many of his colleague**. A reporter from tho * Freeman's Journal * aukod him before hie departure, * What mossago, Mr. Parnoll, shall I Bond from you to the Irish people?* * Tell them/ he replied, * that I will fight to the end/
On Wednesday morning, Dtseumbur JU)» he arrived in Dublin and went straight to tho house of Dr. Kenny, Tharti ho roeoivod a hoarty welcome, not only from the multitude collected oubmlo but from tho many friends gathered within. An                    lias given m« an
account of the           in Dr. Kenny's broakfiiHt-rootu cm
that eventful morning. 'Tho room full of mon, all talking together, interrupting           othor, making
Bugg(J8tioim and countor-stiggoHtions, proponing plans and counter-plans, and ovoryono too full cil IIIH own views to list-on to tho views of anyone else4, Parwtll sat silently near the fire, looking thoughtfully into ii and apparently heeding nothing that WHS going on, Mrs, Kenny entered the room, made her way through the, crowd tt> Parnell, and said : * Mr. .Parnell, do you not want something to eat? '
1 That i« just what I do want/ he said, with n smile.
1 Why,* «aid Mrs. Ktumy, going among the agitators, 'don't you BOO that tho mau in warn out and wan In something to oat, while you all            talking and
debating, and making a noino*9
Soon                 complete)              iintl Purm4i nat to
the table» saying,. ' I am as hungry as a hawk.1
over, tho Chiuf did not allow tho to grow           Ms feet*   * United Iceland/             hadas           opened byr to Btatci bin views on thu; but tho Liberal IwttlurM having that Mr, CiliwI»ttJiin »h»ii!«l itU««* ctwl with tho nubjoct, it WHB llnttlly left ill hi • lmn<i ;.                   iH^^iblo mn-