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-«r. 44]                   AT TOE  HOTUXDA                         291
boon founded hy him, had xxnder the direction of Mr.
Matthias Bodkin, the acting editor in Mr. William O'Brien's absence, gone over to the enemy. Parnoll'B first order wan, * Hei%e ** United Ireland," expel Bodkin, and ptit Mr, .Loamy in charge of the paper.' This order wan carried out on the morning of December 1H, under the superintendence of Parnell himself, with characteristic vigour and despatch. Going straight to the office of tlto paper ho removed Mr. Bodkin and his staff, placing Mr. Loamy in the editorial chair. One of Parneirs Fenian supporter** has given me a brief and pithy account of what happened. * I went up to Matty Bodkin. " Matty/' nays I, " will you walk out, or would you like to be thrown out?" and Matty walked out.'
That night Parnrll addressed a great intuiting at the Kutunda, Miss Katharine Tynan (Mrs. llinkson) was present, and bus given a graphic, account of what nhe «aw: * It wits nearly H.MU when we, heard the bamta coming ; then the windows were tit up by the lurid glare of thoiuutndH of tc»rclit%s in tbe Hlreet ontsitle. Thc'trti         a (iintant roaring likii thii          The grt.uit
gathering within waited niltitttly with expectation. Them the chticiring bogan, and wo cmnod our          and
looked  on  eagerly,  and them          the  tall, ttlantlor,
ed figura of tbe Irish limdar muking its way tbe platform. I don't think any words could do justice to bi» reception. Tbe lumne rone at him; everywhere around there WUH a Kcia of paRsionate facest loving, iwltniringf aluioKt worHbipping tliat Kilent, pale man. Tbe cheering broke out again and again ; there no quelling it. Mr, JParnell bowed front Hide to sid.<% ttwoeping tbe aHHetnblage with bin eagbs glance. The people were fairly mad with excitement. 1 don't think anyone outHidu Ireland can umlorfctand what ft
w 2lly left ill hi • lmn<i ;.                   iH^^iblo mn-