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JBv. 44]       SEIZURE OF ' UNITED IRELAND'             1>05
his face palo with passion, his dark oyos flaming; he realised that obedience was not to bo expected from those within, realised also the pain of being taunted and jeered at by his own countrymen, for there were indications of this from those within. Ho turned and spoko to Homo of his followers, then stood to wait. We knew by instinct that ho was not going to turn away from that door, at which ho had demanded admittance; ho intended to storm tho stronghold of the mutineers.
11 forgot everything nave that there wan going to 1)0 a historic fight, and that I wanted to have a good viow of it. I dashed into a house opposite*, and, without waiting for format leave, ran upstairs. Tho windows of Urn first flour were* crowded. I ran higher up, and noon gn.iiH.Hi a splendid point of vantage. I wan in full Htj^ht of the beleaguered < I Vices, and had a bird's-eyo view of tho crowd in tin; street  a erowd of grim, determined, passionate num. many of them armed, and till ready uml           for a fray, Parncll's envoys wore
by          time, bringing from some place near a
There         a brief diHcuxHion.
Thou Parnoll maidenly realised that tho fort might bo carried from tho          door.    In a moment lift         on
tho point of viitttting tho railings.   Tho haiuln of con-Bitlorato fritinds restrained him by force,    I hoard his voice ring out clearly, impatiently, imperatively: "(Jo yotiraolvoH,  if you will  not  lot  mo.*1    At  tho word of thonn around him dropped into tho  area. Now Parntill snatched tho crowbar, and, swinging hit* with might and main, thundered at tho door. Tho door yielded, and, followot! by thoso nt!are,t to him> ho disappoartul into tho hall.   Instantly uprciKct a tcirnblt Tho other stonning party, it HOCUIIH, had tuitctnuling for tltct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft