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298                C1IAHLKS STEWART PAENKLL             [181)0
that night. He looked like a hunted hind; his hair was dishevelled, his beard unkempt, his eyes were wild and restless. The room was full of people. He sat down to a chop ,* but he only made a pretence of eating. 1 did not like to speak to him, but his eye rented on me and he called mo to him. 1 Bat near him, and we talked generally. After a time the waiter came to him and said, "Would you wish to see your room, Mr. Parnell? Jl Parnell said, ** Oh no. 1 am not going to sleep here. 1 am going to sloop with my friend, Mr. Horgan." I sent a messenger to my wife to say we should arrive in about an hour, and to have things ready. When we arrived she received him very kindly, as if nothing had happened. She had some supper prepared for him, but he said he would not take anything except a raw egg. We got him the raw and the tumbler. He broke the egg into the tumbler and swallowed it at a gulp. He then said, " That's a wry good egg. May I have another?" and he swallowed that just the same. He then said, *' I will now go to bed." In the morning he Bent the maid for me about seven o'clock. I found him sitting in tho bed drinking a tumbler of hot water. ILo said : * 1 want to see Sir John Arnot. I want to induce him to buy the Ponsonby Estate, and to restore the evicted tenants. I must see him secretly. (Jan you manage it ? " I said : " No, that it was impossible; that Arnot wan an old man aiid could not come to him, and that if ho went to Arnot the whole town would know it." After some further talk he felt the project was hopeless, and abandoned it.1
Before ParnelFs departure from London ho had sent me a telegram, saying; 'Come to Dublin aft soon as possible/ Sir John Pope Hennessy had (.Vm-inittoo Boom 115, I          him in tlio Victoria HotelIIH, had tuitctnuling for tltct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft