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/It. 44]                MIL  VINCENT SCULLY                       309
ju8t declared that ho would support the Catholic hierarchy, who had on December 3 comlomnod PttrnolPH leadership on moral grounds. Parnell was thus left on the eve of Urn election without a candidate. On December 11 I started for Dublin, writing to Parnell saying that I would go through with the bushiest*, but still expressing tho hope that ho would get a butter man. In tho meantime, Mr. Vincent Scully, a gentleman of wealth and position, a Tipporary landlord with popular sympathies and a gonerouH heart* bad chivalrously jumped into the* breach. *J stood for Kilkenny/ ho afterwards said to me, 'tis tt protest against the publication of Gladstone's letter to Morley. Kxplain it as they may, that wan Knglish dictation/
It wus characteristic of Parnell that having accepted Scully's candidature on the morning of the I lib, ho did not take the trouble to cointuuuicutn the fact to nit*, •Shall I win? in O'ilricn tint to come?1 Dr. Ktwny           him at breakfast, * No,' said hi*, * In* IIIIH
by this tiixtci/
Dt% Ktmny oxplutmul that I might bu turned IĞu;k fM route. * No,* mid tho Chief, ' bettor kit him cxmin on. You can moot him when ho arrive and explain/ * Well,' I said, on hearing tho Doctor's oxplanation, * ho has of coursii donti what is right, but why did you not \viro and stop met f And what does .Parnall expect mo to do now V ' 'Ho expects you/ said tho Doctor, 'to eowo to Kilkonny to help Scully.' And \vo both laugluul.
During thtj Killauiiiy election soineono said, * It in only Piirncll \vho can do these things. Ho bun boon in treaty with threo candiilatf^s, O'Brion, Scully, and John Kelly. Ho fmiilly nominates Scully, and guts thee/ Sir John Pope Hennessy had (.Vm-inittoo Boom 115, I          him in tlio Victoria HotelIIH, had tuitctnuling for tltct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft