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-•Kr. 44]     'F1UST  BATTLE OF THE CAMPAIGN1        301
* I do not blamo the people for following the priests. It is natural; but tho priests arc not good political guides.* * Ilavo you all the Fenians at your back ? * 1 asked. * You, in Ireland/ ho answered, ' America V I said. * I shall havo them in America, too,* ho replied. Soon after Mr. O'Kelly came up, and said: * I think you hail better go to bed. You have a big day's work before you to-morrow. You had better have a good night's rest,' Parnell Kaid : 4 Yes, I will go to my room,*
Mr. O'Kully wan right. A good night's rent did set Purnell up, Next morning he was a new man. I was alone in the breakfast-room when lie canto down, * I low are you, this morning ? * I asked. * Very \vrll,* ho auswrivd, with a jaunty shake of this lu»ad, and looking very bright and handsome. * I want you/ hit \vmt on, * to tiiku charge nf my Irtlrrs. Opnn thc4iu all; litt nit* havu thoso you think impot'tanl, dt.^troy th«s r^st. KiH*p nil thti telegrams untipinu'd until I return etarlt evening.* A a»iiplit of hours later hu mountt*d the drag at th« door, to drive* to ntnnti outlying district; and oiiti could not httlp being imprawtid by his appearance whoti, an tho crowd chtMirnd anthiisiiwticiilly, Im raised his hat and. bowed with that kingly air which Nvan his chief characteristic.
On Monday night ho did not roturn to Kilkwnny. Meanwhilo a commiltun of BIX had Imcin formcitl to manage tho election, Th« committoo wan a failure. Th«r« was a good deal of talk, a good deal of diHcuftHion, a gt»od dual of indc*ciKionv and no practical work. About tun o'clock on Monday night, UK tho committee Hat in solemn conclave, everybody proposing something but nobody agreeing to anything, the door opened and a messenger from Ptinitill entered. * 1 have come front Then, looking into the fire, he added:tltct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft