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302                CHARLES  STEWART  PAUXKLL             [1800
the Chief/ he said. Up to that moment there had been a babel of talk in the room. Now there was dead silence. 'What does he say?1 asked the chairman of the committee, * lie says that thin committee must bo broken up,' was the qxxick answer ; and everyone burst into laughter. The Chief was eight or ton miles away from the scene of the committee's labours, but had he been on the spot, had. ho witnessed the operations of the committee, he could not have arrived at a sounder decision. Everyone in the room felt that. 1 Well, and what's to be done V f asked the chairman. * Ho says that one man is to remain here and take charge of the whole work, lie can have a local assistant if lie likes. The rest of you must bo distributed over the division. One person must direct operations from tlxo centre.* * Well, who is that person to bo ?' said the late chairman of tlio defunct committee. *L./ was the answer. 'Why L.?' said tlio ex-chairman. * Because tlxo Chief thinks he can keep us in touch with our friends in London and in Dublin/ And so it was settled. i 1C I am to. bo in charge,' said L., *I nixist have the assistance of / naming a Fenian. 'Well/ said the Parliamentarians, 'you had better be careful. You may raise a spirit which you cannot lay.' * That's nonsense/ said L. * The spirit is raised already, and raised by Parncll. Thin town of Kilkenny is held by Fenians, and Parnoll could not carry on the fight for a week without the Fenians. At this moment the Fenian in question burst into the room. * Where is Mr. Parneli ? ' he asked. Ho wan told that Parnoll would not return to Kilkenny that night. * Well/ he said, ' Mr. Panxoll made an appointment with me here at ten o'clock, and if Mr. Parneli does not keep his appointments with mo 1 shall leave into the fire, he added:tltct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft