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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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.Kt.44]             M   HAVE COM!'! TO FIGHT'                    SOS
tho town at oncu/    This announcement had a startling
offoct, and tiio Parliamentarians began to explain. 1 1 want no explanations,' said tho Fonian. * Wo aro hero to help Mr. I'urncll ; we are not paid hy him. We aro not his people, I In must koop his appointments/ And ho flow out of tho room as suddenly as he had twtorod it. * Well, gentlemen,' said L,f an noon as ho had gone, *whal do you nay now? Aro you going to ignore-.* * I say,1 answorod tho ox-chairman, 'that wo had hotter ohoy Parnoll. Ho has nainod a man to work tho whole businoss. 'Lot him have all re-
That night L. and - took counsel together, and niv\t day tho nu^nihors of tho lato conunittoo woro tli.'Uributi'd nvrr th*tlivision. On Monday night Parnoll ri4tiriti*l !tn<! rt'inainud fir sonw tiint) in ronsnltatiou with - - , whtt.-io fn*'s, indrt'tl, furimnl tho van of tho i*arm*llito ariuy,
Tluj t!ltH*tiu iiistoil for tun days, During that time Parnult Hhowcni wotulurful vigour for a man in failing iutnlth,           from i>ud to ond of tho diviHioii,8poakingt
working,                                                 much fatiguocl,
rotirittg          to attcl coming clown          morning
full cif light and futurity. * Wiiiki I hftvo my lifaf ho tmid at Kilkenny two clays hctforo tho polling, *I will go from tmo coiiKtituoncy to anothor, from ono city to auottua*, from ono town awl village! and parish to uttothor, to put what 1 know i tho truth tho u/ At C-ahUcJcouu)!', whoro tho rival partios Davitl nont it                 proposing that both of
tluiiii should             Htlo hy niclo front tho namo drag
itiict              each othcir'H liptiaehes, * Toll him/ Raid
i, with a grim mnilii at tho groUmqtunuiKH of tho al, ' I liiivci como to fight, not to treat/tct opinion tif tin*an umlorfctand what ft