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.KT. 41]         AX  4 UXCHAKCTlNii  1MSHMAN'               305
our constitution by constitutional  and  parliamentary
moans, I will in a moment BO declare it to tho people of Ireland, and, returning at tho boat! of my party, I will tako counsel with you as to tho noxt stop. That, fellow-countryman, in tho nature and extent of my declaration, which I made in Cork in'BO—which was accepted then by my constituents whan they placed ma at tho head of tho poll in fmccowtion to my lato friend Joseph Ronayno. That pledge \vm accepted by tho whole of Ireland—by the hillside men and every othor
man in tho country-.........-as a jtmt p<mition for mo to take tip
and to fight thin constitutional battle from. I have not in any sense, not in one iota, departed from it. I Ktand on the samo ground to-night as I did then, and if tho young mun of Ireland have trusted mo it in because they know that I am not a nwro Parliamentarian ; that I ran be trusted to kwp my word to them to go UK far an a hra\v and hornet hoart ran j;o on thin parliamentary aUiumv, and tr^t it to the ultt*rmoHt, at id that when and if I fttwl it UHch'SK and unavailing to p«rmtvcr« further, they can d**pund upon nta to toll them no* * * * I hav« HttHxl cm tho            platform,
1 havo ritmainiHl true to the          d^claratioiiH and tho
Kamo |ilcMlgf!»» and wlu«i anyluxly him tlm audacity to taunt mo with beting a hiltwidii man 1 nay to him I am what I am IMHWIKU I inn known to !m an hnncmt, and an unchanging Irmhman.*
It would ho idle to deny that tho               at Kil-
kiinny a fight botwoon Parttollt8m/>/i^FonianiHm and tho Churcli. Mr, (}]adHtono and tho Liboraln influenced, indeed dominatod, thu majority of tho Irwh momborB. But tho              and the             alono, in-
fluoncod and dominatcid tins             of North Kilkonny.
1 will          an ilhtfttration of what I mean,   In ono
it                                           X      iH^^iblo mn-