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^06                 CHARLES BTEWART PAUNKLL             [1890
district —Kilmaziagh—tho pariah priest. Father Murphy,. supported Parnell. In that district Parnoll had a majority. In ovory other district tho pariah priest was against him, ancl in ovwy other district ho was beaten. ' Do any of tho Parlianumtarianft,' I naked a Fenian, * count in thin fight ? * * Not ono/ ho answered ;
* Iloaly in fighting liko a devil* but only fur tlio priontn and tho police ho could not remain in tho constituency for an hour.   The only power in Ireland that can stand up to Parnell is tho Church, and tho only powor that cm stand up to tho Church in Fonianism.'    Parmtll folt the pressure of tho prioBte at every turn,    .Hut only on one occasion did 1 nee him show irritation or anger. It was stated that tlio priosts intondtul to art m personation agents on the day of tho election,    'They shall not act as pctrsonation agontiC hit mid with unusual excitement; *it is illegal1    Someone pointed out that it was not illegal, however undeBirahlo.    * They shall not act,' ho raptmtttd with energy.    * A protest must bo prepared at once, ancl Bent to tlio Hiit»riflV  Two days later Mr, Heully handed inti tho protest* Baying:
* Parnell insists upon thk being Htmt to tho nhcriff, but I think it is a mistake every way,    Tho priontn havo a legal right to act*    I wish you would BOO Parnoll.'    I wont into tho coffee-room, whoro .Patrnoll wan Kitting on the lounge, apart from evoryouo,         looking---a very unusual thing—decidedly sulky, 1 sat near him awl uaid, holding up tho            : * I want to - talk to you about .this.   Will you givo mo five minuton? '   * i will giva you an hour if you liko,' he stiicl, with a                        ; rfyou can talk away/   I said I thought tho protest was *.nufitakey that it would         no                   and that I:, was doubtful              it would         a           political
He •mid'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you