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f, 44]                 COUNTIXU  THK  VOTE8                         307
should bo stopped* Alter HOIIIO nioro convorRation 1 said ; ' You aro drawing tho wwortl on this wholu order instead of objecting to tho action of any individual priest, IVConnoll could afford to do this ; you can't. If tho prioBtH have to be fought, they munt bo fought by Catholics, not by Prott'HtantH.' * Ah ! now/ ho mud, 'you havo naid ftomothing which in quito trtu>. A ProtoBtant loatlor mutit not <U> thi*. But tho ttyHtetu must ba Htopptul. You Catholics taunt top it, Tint priqstB tlumiBelwB must bo got to *uo that it in wrong.' 'Shall I tear thin*?* I said, holding up tltti protcnt. 4 Yes,1 ho anHWortul, with his old plcuHant antl winning &inilo.
Tho polling took jhuu on DiHMJtub^r 2*2. That night Parnoll, frcnh from visiting nil tin* p^lliu;..; Htationn, c'fiiiii! into a room in tht* luti*l \\lit-rt^ I sat ulono. *I wi*4i {o In* uloiir/ In* Naid, ' Sr<* (hat no ono oomrs in.* ll* tonU *1T hi% njit, !wt, tuufllrr, nut iukai* tlit* fms r'nu>vrd hsi buot't utitt M*rk;i (uhich tn* carefully <*xaniini*dj, miiriitiil hi** ft*t*t, innl nitmitifti in a clticp rwrrii* f*>r           twenty minute.*, Thnt, having
put on another pail* of butiln, lu Nttl with Iiiii fnirk t<> tho mantt'l-hlwlf and huid, \\ith  droll muiiiM * *?\wy aro making atlculiitioitH in tint otlu?r ruiiiii of our majority* I think thoy will bo mtrprmrd whtm th*> poll IB dtH.lartel to-ttiorrow, Wi? havi* lunrn wi*H ltmtii But it IH only tins ftrnt battlo <f tint campaign. 1 will contctnt ovtry oliHttiott in tint nnintry, I will fight while* 1 Hvo1 -it prontihii which tin kpt tt> tho hittt-r caul. Nmi morniiig thti v<tiH wrrt* w>unt<*il. Tltrrn wan no mim in tlui room nt tho t'ourt !!tiii*i during that pnxtoHH who futoiutul to In* In butter huimutr or who look<ul anxious though Itu waUrlul ovo vory carefully twid                   on tlianlurt, than'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you