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308               CIIAltLES STEWART PAllNKLL            [1890
Davitt was walking up and down at one end of tho room with nervous energy. I caiuo and talked to him, 'A nice scene this,' he saicl. ' It reminds mo of what
you sometimes BOO in tho Holy Land—Christians quarrelling with each other ovor Our Lord's tomb, while Mohammedan soldiers* look on and keep the peace. Here are we Irish Nationalists ready to fly at each other's throats while theno English police st$md by to keep order. It is perfectly disgraceful. What will he (Parnell) do now? Ha is beaten by at least 1,000 votes/ 'Well, Davitt/ I replied, 'you ought to know him better than I. Ho will fight on. One defeat, twenty defeats, won't affect him* He will not take his dismissal from an Englishman.* Davitt shook his head sorrowfully. On rejoining Parnell (who fiat at the top of the table near tho sheriff, keeping a koon eye on Mr. Healy—who was opposite— all the time), he said: * I see you have been talking to the future) leader of the Irish race at homo and abroad. Ho looks very uncomfortable. What is tho matter with him *? * * Well/ I replied, * Davitt at all ovonta is not opposing 'you at the bidding of Mr, Gladstone. Ho took his line—rightly or wrongly—before Mr, Glodtitono spoke. That is tho difference between him and tho ro«t of your opponents/ * Yes/ ho said, looking thoughtfully at Davitt, who still kept walking up and down* 4 That is true, and he Eas suffered too.1
About one o'clock the poll was declared:
Pope Hennessy   »                          2,527
Vincent Scully    .                          1,802
;   'That night Parnell returned to Dublin, and % large toeeting of his followers gathered, outside theiiig thti v<»ti«H wrrt* w>unt<*il. Tltrrn wan no mim in tlui room nt tho t'ourt !!tiii«*i during that pnxtoHH who futoiutul to In* In butter huimutr or who look<ul anxious though Itu waUrlu«l ovo vory carefully twid                   on tlianlurt, than'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you