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/Ex. 44]                MIL WILLIAM 0'IMRIEN                      811
if ho had soon him yesterday, and as if there wore nothing special going forward. O'Brien plunged into business at once. ** Oh no, William," said Parnell, c< 1 must get something to cat first,1* Then he ordered luncheon and we all sat down and ate* When luncheon was over Parnell said : " Now, William, we will talk/1 We then adjourned to another room. Parnell remained silent, reserved, cold. lie did not in any way encourage G'Brien to talk. Ho looked around at the rent of us, as much an to Bay, "Well, what the devil do you all want?11 The rest of us soon withdrew, leaving Parnell and O'Brien together. After sometime O'Brien rejoined us. Ho looked utterly flabbergasted, said it was all over, and that Punic*!! had no intention of doing anything, I asked hint if ho had made any proposals to Panu'll, or if hi* had any proposals to make. .He said that lit* luul proposals, but did not submit them to Paradl, a^ Purnell srrmrd HO unwilling to talk. Ho then Hinted tins proposals to mc.% which WITO Bttb-Htantiaily, HO fur as I can now rwiuwibor, those:
* 1, The retraction of the binhopH' mamfcwtn.
*2» Home acknowledgment from Mr. UladsUmo that the publication of his letter was precipitate and inadvisable*,
4 il, A meeting of the whole party in Dublin with Farm*!! in the chair; acknowledgment of the informality of Mr. McCarthy's election as chairman.
* 4, Voluntary resignation of Parnall, who «hould» however, remain Prosidemt of the National League,
* 5. Election of a temporary chairman. Ml Appointment of Dillon OH chairman.
11 went immediately to Parndl, and told him of thtwo proposals. "Ah, now," he? said, ** wo have Homo-thing Kpeetfu* to go upon. Let O'Brien come back.1' • nt tho t'ourt !!tiii«*i during that pnxtoHH who futoiutul to In* In butter huimutr or who look<ul anxious though Itu waUrlu«l ovo vory carefully twid                   on tlianlurt, than'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you