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/Ex. 4r>]              THE LIBERAL LEADERS                     325
veying the assurance regarding the questions of the constabulary and the land. You seemed of opinion that such a letter in such terms would satisfy my conditions. But I was obliged to differ from yoxi, and hoped that I had boon so fortunate as to convince yon of the reasonable character of my objections, for you asked mo to amend the memorandum in such a way as to cause it to carry out my views on the subject of the constabulary. This was done, and it was arranged that I should moot Gill in London the next day for the purpose of further considering the land branch, and to confirm that portion refurring to the constabulary after reference to the statutes, ft was at tins interview that the origin of tho present trouble arose. In speaking of the future course of tho negotiations, I understood Gill to state distinctly that tho Liberal loaders required to bo aHHimul that you would bo natisfiod with their pro-poBod declaration buforo thuy in ado it, and that I was not to BOO tho memorandum or know tho particulars of tho document upon which your judgment was to bo given. I aRBumod that you would receive a memorandum as at Calais, on which you would bo required to form and announce your judgment apart from me. 1 do not know whether I am entitled to put you any questions, but if you think not do not hesitate to decline to answer thorn. Aro you expected to form your judgment on tho sufficiency of tho proposed assurances before thoy aro made public? If so, what materials and of what character do you expect to receivo for thin purpose? And will you be able to share with mo tho facilities thus afforded to you, so that wo may, if possible, como to a joint decision?
1 Is it true, an indicated by a portion of your letter of tho 8th, that you have already formed an affirmativeII,                                                                         1   on tlianlurt, than'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you