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JBx. 45]                  PARNKUAS  HT11ATEOY                         §*2?
business in these Boulogne conferences; whether ho went into the negotiations with the intention of making peace, or only for strategic purposes in carrying on the war. I asked an Anti~l\irnellito who was eoneornad in the negotiations to give me his opinion on the point, He said it was perhaps hard to tell; but on the whole he inclined to the view that there were moments when Parnell meant peace, and that again there wore moment** when ho used the negotiations merely for strategic purposes. Other Anti-ParnolHttw were of opinion thai tha Chief was playing a Htratogie, gaxno all the time, and playing it with his accuHtomcd skill,
What was his strategy? To divide the Anti-Parnelllto foreeB (1) by drawing Dillon and O'Hrien away from Healy; (*2) by drawing O'Hrirn away from Dillon; («l) by out-maimmvring the thm* in drtail ; (4) by involving the. Liberals in fresh dittu'ultifs ami bringing them into collision with thtnr Irish allieH. In tint firni objiiet he Hitc*c*ii!Hlett completely, I {.tuily'K voiiuj WUH ftir A ontmncfii find iu*eortliiigly tint ittntbgiie nogti-tiations led to the optming of tltn broach hetwtuni him and Dillon and C)1 Brieft wbieli not bciuri eltwid to thiH day, In the futcoud cibjcictt ho fiyl«ilt for O*Jirimi and Dillon ntcxxl together tf> tltu «nd. But h«            a
HUCCORH in another way." Very uuuty jiiinjilii biiliiivcicl that O'Britm wan roally on the sitlu of Parnoll, anil that tho rolationn bfttwtMtn himself and Dillon \vere Ktraituul if not muulorcHl.
Wluin both wont into gaul it \va« guiierjdly thought that O'Brien wim a Panuillite atul l>illou an Anii-Parnctllite, O'Britjn'H ultituatn dertamtitui iigaiunt Parnell on leaving ganl eatmed a revul«iou of popular fiH?l-ing againnt hint wliieh hit has not reeovered ynt, Sotiu^ naid : * Why did his pomi HH the frieml «»f l^urut-n anil                1   on tlianlurt, than'it^ was a                                  andry to nil} you