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330                CHARLES  STEWABT PAENELL             [1891
WHILE the Boulogne negotiations were proceeding Parnell continued to carry on the war in Ireland; he rested not a day, not an hour. Every Saturday night he left London for Dublin. On Sunday he addressed a meeting in some part of the country. On Monday he was back in Dublin again to confer with his followers there, and to direct operations. On Tuesday he returned to London, attended occasionally at the House of Commons, crossed when necessary to Boulogne, sometimes addressed meetings in England, and on Saturday started afresh to Ireland.
' You are over-doing it/ I said to him one night when he looked fatigued and harassed. l Yes/ he rejoined, ' I am doing the work of ten men; but (suddenly) I feel right well It does me good/ There was nothing that displeased him more than the least suggestion that he could not stand this constant strain,
In April there was an election in North Sligo. Parnell put up a candidate ; but he was beaten, after a fierce fight, though not by so large a majority as the Anti-Parnellites had commanded in Kilkenny. In July there was another election in Carlow. Parnell again put up a candidate, and he was again beaten. But these defeats did not relax his efforts. After theand O'Brien out of Paniell's hands, though in so doing they wuro forcod to give assurances which would certainly never have been obtained but for the skilful operations of the Chief.