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spoke of the socodors. * What do they expect ?' lie said. * Do they think that Homo Bule is so near that anyone may cany it through now ? * 1 replied : * That is what they do think. 1 hoard that one of them said : *' The ship has crossed the ocean. She is coming into port. Anyone can do the rest." * A faint smile was the only response. ' Do they think/ he continued, * that the Liberal loaders will carry Home Bule? I say nothing about Mr. Gladstone now, but remember Mr. Gladstone in an old man. Ho cannot live for ever. I agree that he moans to establish some kind of Irish Parliament. What kind ? That is the question I have always rained. He will bo satisfied if he given UB any kind of Parliament. Ho in an old man, and ho cannot wait. I am a young man, and J can afford to wait. 1 want a Parliament that wo shall ho able to kcHtp and to work for our country, and if wo do not got it this year or noxt I can wait for half a do/on years; but it muHt bo a real Parliament when it comas. I grant you all you say about Mr. GhulHtcmo'H power and intentions to establish a Parliament of BOXUO kind, but Home Rulo will not come in hit* time. Wo have to look to his successors. Dopmul upon it 1 am Baying what is true. Who will bo his Buccosiors ? Who are the gentlemen whom the socotlerB trust ? Name them to mo, and I will tell you what I think.1
I named Mr. Morlay. * Ytw,' waid Farnoll, * Mr. Morloy ban a good record. I. havo alwayn said that. I Jut has Mr. Morlcty any influence in England ? I >o you think that Mr. Morloy hafi the power to carry Homo Kulo? Will England follow him? Will tho Liberal party follow him? I do not think that Morlay has any following in tho country/
I said: * Well, thorn IB Awjuillu    Ho Is a coming
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