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338                CHARLES  STEWART PAKNELL            [1891
man.    Some people say he may be the Liberal leader of the future.'
Parnell. 'Yes, Mr. Asquith is a coming man, a very clever man; but (looking me straight in the face) do you think Mr. Asquith is very keen about Home Eule? Do you think that he will risk anything for Home Eule ? Mr. Asquith won't trouble about Home Rule, take my word for that/
I said: ' There is Campbell-Bannerman. I hear that he is a very good fellow, and he made about as good an Irish Secretary as any of them.' ' Yes,' he replied, 11 dare say he is a very good fellow, and as an Irish Secretary he left things alone (with a droll smile)—a sensible thing for an Irish Secretary. If they do not know anything they had better do nothing.' I said: * The most objectionable Englishman is the Englishman who suddenly wakes up and imagines he has discovered Ireland—the man who comes to you and says: " You know I was a Home Ruler before Mr. Gladstone."'
Parnell. f Indeed, do they say that ? ' ' Oh yes/ I replied.    ' The first time I met Hugh Price Hughes  he  said: " Why, you know I was a Home Ruler before Mr. Gladstone/ "
Parnell (passing over this irrelevant remark) said: ' But do you think that Cainpbell-Bannerman has any influence ? * He is not going to lead the Liberal party. . I think he has no influence.'
I said: ' Lord Rosebery. He has influence.' Parnell. 'I know nothing about Lord Rosebery. Probably he has influence. But do you think he is going to use it for Home Rule? Do you think he knows anything about Home Rule or cares anything about it?'o Kulo? Will England follow him? Will tho Liberal party follow him? I do not think that Morlay has any following in tho country/