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MT. 4r>]         MIL GLADSTONE'S 8UCCKSSOUS                339
I said : ' Sir William Ilarcourt.*
P&rnclL * Ah, now you havo conic to the point, 1 have boon waiting for that.' Than, turning fully round and facing mo, ho contimuul: * What do you think of Sir William Ilarcourt? Ho will bo the Liberal loader \vhou Mr, (.llaelntono goes. Do you think ho will trouble hinwulf about Homo Bulo? lie will think only of getting bin party togothor, and ho will take up any question that will bont help him to do that. Mark what 1 Bay. Sir William Ilarcourt will havo to be fought again.*
1 Do you think/ I asked, * that the Home Rule movement, the movement for an Irish Parliament, ban made any real progress in Kngland ? *
1 It ban taken no rout,1 1m answered, * but our movument has made Home progress.*
* The land question/ 1 said, * bus nuidu progivsn, The labour movement here has helped it; thu cry againnt coercion ban told. But ban tho domand for an Irinh Parliament Hindu way? Do tho Kttgli«lt oIiurtcn'H understand it? Do they rutilly know tho tliffcrtmeo betwiiert Home Kulo and .LocalOovomuiont ? I tlouht it/
Ho 8tti<l: *I think wci are hammering it into them by degreim. You must never expect tho English to bo imthuwfLHtb about Home .Kulo. I havo always said that. 'Hut they are beginning to nan tho (liflioultitts of governing Ireland. They find they cannot do it, and Howu Uule must conus mil of that/
4 Well/ I naiil, 'I do not know that. If MV. e Wijrn tt) my to-iiiurruw that luiral Unvurn* woultl <lo lifter all, tbny \vuuld turn ruiuid at cilice and «ay that Home UuUs urul Jicn'id (.frivornnuuti tho          tiling/
*Yt*H/ ho Haiti, * that i« true; but \v« Irtvu only torlay has any following in tho country/