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:U6                CHARLES  STKWAUT PARNELL             [1891
Mr. Bussoll, a Dublin journalist, has alao given mo some reminiscences of this time:
11 saw Parnell frequently,1 ho Bays, * during tho last eleven months of his life. I went with
him to tho Limerick meeting. I met him at King's Bridge, lie had just arrived from London. We travelled together in the same carriage to Limerick. He said: " I am very tired. 1 wan up until four o'clock this morning signing cheques with Justin McCarthy, and I want to have a sleep. If there should be people at the stations as we go along, do you talk to them. Tell them that I'm tired and unwell, and that I'm taking a rest; unless there is a big crowd, then call me." There wore small gatherings of people at the stations as wo came along, and I did as he had asked me. When we got to Thurles there was a big crowd. I put my hand on his shoulder and said: " Mr. Parnell, Thurles! " He sprang to his feet at once, put his head through the window, and said : " Men of Tipperary! " dashing off a very effective little speech. The quickness with which he did the thing astonished me. lie did not pause for a moment. Ho might have been awake all the time preparing the speech. He got a groat reception in Limerick. Ho spoke from Cruise's Hotel, and insisted on standing right out on the window sill, while a couple of people inside the room held him by tho coat tail.'
I saw Parnell for the last time towards tho end of the summer, at Euston Station. He was start ing on hin weekly visit to Ireland. I was at the station by appointment to talk over some business matters with him. He arrived about ten minutes before the train started. Having despatched the business in his quiet ready way, not in the least disturbed by the bustle on the platform or theĽnu>ll, 1 am thinking of           to tho tluuitru."                     ^