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the Land Act, and there was a time of peace and prosperity, and I frankly confess that wo did not give as much attention to Ireland an wo ought to have clone. Then, you know, there wan distress and trouble, and the Irish question again came to the front/
* Could you nay what it wan that first attracted your attention to Parnoll ? '
Mr, Gladstone (with much energy), * Parnoll was the moat remarkable man I ever mot. I do not nay the ablest man ; I nay tho most remarkable and tho most interesting. Ho wan an intellectual phenomenon. He was unlike anyone I had over met. He did things and he said things unlike other num. IIin ascendency over his party was extraordinary. Thorn has nuvor been anything like it in my experience in the House o <..ominous. Ho succeeded in surrounding himsolf with very clover men, with men exactly suited for his purpose. They havo changed sinctt, I don't know why. Everything suems to have changed. "But in his time he had a most oiliciunt party, an extraordinary party. 1 do not nay extraordinary an an Opposition, but extraordinary as a (tovurnmtmt* Thtt absolute obedience, the strict discipline, the military discipline, in which ho held thorn was unliko anything I havo over seem. They wans always there, they woro always ready, they were always united, they never shirked the combat, and Parnell was supreme all the time.' Then, with renewed energy: 'Oh, Parnell was a most remarkable man and most iuUireKting. I don't think he treated me well at the tmd, but my inturtmt in him lias never abated, and I feel an intwiao intorest in his memory now/ Thon, striking this itrin of Inn chair with hin hand ; * Poor follow ! poor follow! it was a terrible tragedy. I do beliuvo firmly that if tlumu divorcehe Church Act and but, 1 think, when   it  reached Brighton Parnell was  dead.* Throughout Tiuwlay,   October   0,    '1 'arnell    suffered much.   The  rheumatic  pains flew  to  his  heart, ho        of the ame kind.    Mostntnl i "Sing it* it.*1 Of nmrxtt ! rtiltwett* but hit kept {Hiking tit** it$ ttw I'Uw mil this litn**, Nnying: '* Hing It/1 iittcl n nuntht>r cf ffilltiw* rut ttin tihttforin,             Iw tnltn it, jttimui him. lUit 1 hcltl