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A X  A PPK EC I ATIOX                            & J3
o\vs with tlm greatest simplicity and cloarnoss.    It
us an intellectual treat to do businoss with ParnelL
0  only deceived mo onco.   That was at our meeting at awarden in JHH9,    When tho Home, 'Rule Bill was trodueod in IKHH ho told me that ho wan indifferent
1   tho question of tho retention or tho exclusion of 10 Irish mom hers, that ho was ready to give "way to nglish opinion on the point, and that he would not idangor  tho Bill   for it.    Well, when  he   came   to a warden   in   1H8U wo talked over tho   new  Home tile  Bill, and   I  then told him that I  thought wo mild ho obliged to rota in the  Irish   membern.    Ho id   nothing,  remained   perfectly   silont,   and   HO   I ithered that ho was of the saino mind us in 1HH{ and ft me quite a free hand on that point.    But I learnod ibsoquently   that   he   had   promised   Mr,   Khodos   to rare the retention of the Irish members.1    Well, I do t want to lny too much stress upon it.   AH a rule, ho an frank in his declarations and could be. relied upon*
will give you an instance) of what I moan. I was *ry anxious about the, Uoyal AilnwamwH Bill, I \VHH it only anxiouH that thti grant should ho mado, but lat it should be unanimously and tiven goitarously iwle, rriiti Irish iiieinborH could not defeat tho grant, it they etmld have obstructed and mado dittieultios, id clifprived tho mtmsuro of the gracts which I wishtKl to havit, I !iii*l Parnoll in onti of tho division lobbios, id in liitii ; M Tho I.>riiu?oof \Valos is no onomy of 'iiliiiiicl ; In? is no cwtnny to any Irish ]>olicy which bun HI sanction of lito niasscn of thii Irish people/1 anu)H mihwonul an usual in it. fw words, lie said :
a hUir t Mr, UhtntoH, %v!itrh
w |itililiilit*il lift titily 7. IHHH, Minting tliiit if Mr, CllipkUnit? winhwl to litili itu!> Irixti inriiiliPt"** Iw* wuiilil ||rwr, pains flew  to  his  heart, ho        of the ame kind.    Mostntnl i "Sing it* it.*1 Of nmrxtt ! rtiltwett* but hit kept {Hiking tit** it$ ttw I'Uw mil this litn**, Nnying: '* Hing It/1 iittcl n nuntht>r cf ffilltiw* rut ttin tihttforin,             Iw tnltn it, jttimui him. lUit 1 hcltl