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AN  APPRECIATION                          30*1
Mr. Gladstone. * Well, you will BOO by a Bpeech which I made on tho Address in 1882 that I then had the subject in my mincL 1 said thon that a system of Local Government for Ireland should differ in Homo important respects from any system of Local Government introduced in England or Scotland. Plunkot got up immediately and Biiicl that I meant Home Rule. Hut I aia bound to nay that Gibson followed, and said that ho did not put that construction upon my words. Well, 1 had to wind an account of that speech to the Quoon, and it led to a correspondence between us. More than thin 1 cannot nay on the subject. But I may acid that I never made but one spooch against Homo Kulo. That was at Aberdeen, noon after tho movement was set on foot. I could not, of course, support .Butt's movement, because it wan not a national movement. I had no evidence that Ireland wan behind it. Parn oil's movement wan very different, it came to this: wti granted ft fuller franchise to Ireland in 1BH4, and Ireland then sent eighty-five members to the Imperial Parliament. That settled tho question. When the people oxproHB their determination in that decisive way, you must give them what they ask, Jt would bet tho Name in Scotland* 1 don't Bay that Home Bulo in necessary for Scotland. But if ever tho Scotch ask for it, at* tho Irinh havo           for it, they miiBt get
it, I am bound to my that I did not know as much about the way tho Union wan carried when I took up Home llulo an I camo to know afterward**. If 1 had known as much 1 would have been more earnest and oxtromo. Tlui union with Ireland has no moral force. It has tho force of law, no doubt, but it roHts on no moral             That It* the lino which 1 should always
take, wore I an Irishman*   That is tho lino which an Minting tliiit if Mr, CllipkUnit? winhwl to litili itu!> Irixti inriiiliPt"** Iw* wuiilil ||rwr, pains flew  to  his  heart, ho        of the ame kind.    Mostntnl i "Sing it* it.*1 Of nmrxtt ! rtiltwett* but hit kept {Hiking tit** it$ ttw I'Uw mil this litn**, Nnying: '* Hing It/1 iittcl n nuntht>r cf ffilltiw* rut ttin tihttforin,             Iw tnltn it, jttimui him. lUit 1 hcltl