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366                CHARLES STEWART PARNELL
an Englishman I take now. Ah! had Parnell lived, had there been, no divorce proceedings, I do solemnly believe there would be a Parliament in Ireland now. Oh ! it was a terrible tragedy.'
' May I ask if you considered that Parnell should have retired from public life altogether, or only from the leadership of the Irish party ? '
Mr. Gladstone. ' From public life altogether. There ought to have been a death, but there would have been a resurrection. I do not say that the private question ought to have affected the public movement. "What I say is, it did affect it, and, having affected it, Parnell was bound to go. What was my position? After the verdict in the divorce case I received letters from my colleagues, I received letters from Liberals in the House of Commons and in the country, and all told the. same tale : Parnell must go. All said it would be impossible for the movement to go on with him. "Well, there was a meeting of the Federation at Sheffield ; Morley and Harcourt were there. After the meeting they came to me and said : " Parnell must go. The movement cannot go on with him." I do not think that Harcourt had any convictions on the subject. I do not think that Morley had. Therefore they were unprejudiced witnesses, and their testimony, coming after the testimony of the others and in corroboration of it, was irresistible. I then took action. I wrote a private letter to Mr. Justin McCarthy, which I wished him to show to Parnell before the meeting of the party. I stated what I conceived to be the public opinion of England. I did exactly what Parnell had asked me to do in the case of the Phoenix Park murders. Well, that letter never reached Parnell. Why McCarthy did
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