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APPENDIX                        an
jsistance and co-operation of and accepted subscriptions of toney from known advocates of crime and the use of ^namite, we find that the respondents did invite tho jsistanee and co-operation of and accepted subscriptions : money from Patrick Ford, a known advocate of crime id the use of dynamite, but that it has not been proved mt the respondents or any of them knew that the Glan-na-ael controlled the League or was collecting money for tho arliamentary Fund. It has been proved that the respon-3nts invited and obtained tho assistance and co-operation of le Physical Force party in America, including the Glan-:i-Gaol, and in order to obtain that assistance abstained orn repudiating or condemning the action of that party.1
Tho two special charges against Mr. Davitt, viz: (//) rhat ho was a member of tho Fenian organisation, and mvictod as such, and that he assisted in tho formation of 10 Land League with money which had boon contributed r the purpose of outrage and crime ; * (h) * That ho was in oso and intimate association with tho party of violence in morica, and was mainly instrumental in bringing about tho liance between that party and tho Parndlite and Homo .ulo party in America; ' arc based on passages in tho Eimes' leading articles of tho 7th and Uth March, 1HB7. JPho new movement \van appropriately started by Fenians it of Fenian funds ; its "father" in Michael Davitt, a mvieted Fenian/ 'That Mr. PanuM's "constitutional rganisation " was plarmod by Fenian brains, founded on a onian loan, and roared by Fenian hands/
Wo have shown in the course of tho report that Mr. >avitt was a member of tho Fenian organisation, and con-ictod as such, and that he received money from a fund 'hich had boon contributed for tho purpose of outrage and :imo, vitf. tho Skirmishing Fund. It was not, however, for 10 formation of tho Land League itself, but for tho promo-
1 The part omitted has been quoted In the text.
 ii 2y did make such payments.