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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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Boyton, Mr. M. P., i. 254
* Broad and lead speech,' ParnelPs, i. 224
Bronnan, Thomas, arrested for a violent speech at Balla, i. IDG ; and the affair of the * Juno' raid, 234; 241, 254, 208; denounces Parneirn moderation, 366 ; ii. 168
llreslin, i. 109 note-
Brett, Sergeant, tho shooting of, i. 48; bin death shown to be accidental, 51 note-
Bright, Mr. .Jacob, taken the Homo Kule pledge, i. 124 ; on Parnoll's proposed retirement, ii. 245, 240                                            j
Bright, John, on tho * Manchester ! niartyrft,1 i. 06 note; rebukes the  | unmannerly   conduct    of    the Tories,   I8f> ;    on    flogging   in I tho army, 1H7 ; hin opinion on the land question, 2*JO ; opposition to (UHTeimi, 200, 2711;   on  ; the Coercion Act, JJIIO IJU2; in-  i terview with him on Home Rule, ii. Mfl-lf2                                 !
Bright, Mr. Mynors, one of i Parnell's tutors at Cambridge, ; 1.41                                          I
Brighton, ParnelPu death at, ii. j !!fi, 1152
Dritton, Captain, H top father of Commodore Stewart, i. 21
Brooke, Hir Arthur, fathor-in-law of Hir John Parnell (2), i. 11
Brooke, Letitia Charlotte, marries Hir John Parnoll (2), i. 11
Brooke, Morriit, i. 22H
Buckle, Mr., editor of the 'Times,' and the publication of tho Pigott letters, H. 208, 209
Bullor, Hir ttedvarH, ii, 170
Burke, Mr., murder of, i. 8fl4.-.r>8
Burroughs, Hir William, i. Itt
JIutt, Irtatu?, his opinion of lenders of the Fenian conspiracy, i. 40, 47; president of the first Amnesty Association, 00; sketch of his career, 00- (J2 ; hin defence of l'enian prisonum, 01, 02;
presides at the great amnesty meeting at Cabra, 02; invents the term ' Home Kule,' 67 ; elected for Limerick, 67 ; favours Darnell's candidature for Dublin County, 78 ; his attitude as a Home Buler in the House of Commons, 80, 81; his Land Bill, 91; his policy becomes distasteful to Irish members, 1)7, 102; his x^licv overridden by Parnell's and Biggar's obstruction, 109; is pressed by Moderate Home Bulers to crush Parnell, 110; deprecates Parnell's obstruction of the Mutiny Bill, 112; his controversy with Parnell in the ' Freeman's Journal,' 115-120; his connection with the Homo Kule Confederation of Great Britain, 122, 123; de-Hounc'OH tho obstructives, 13*5, 1.% ; his annual motion on the Homo Kulo question, 141 note, supcrsculocl by Parnell in the. presidency o tho Home liule Confederation, 145; at tho O'ConneLl centenary, 148; has another controversy with Parnell on obstruction, 153, 154; Inn amiable character, 170; withdraws bin resignation of leadership, 172; ill-health, last conflict with Parnell, and death, 178-181; his work for Ireland, 181,182
Buxton, Mrs. Sydney: extracts from her diary relative to tho Pigott case, ii. 217-219 ; her description of Parnell'a examination before the Commission, 226,227
Byrne, Mr., ii. 285
Byrne, Mr. Frank, i. 336, 337; ii. 208
Byrne, Mrs. Frank, ii. 3
Byrnes, Oarrett, i. 189, 218
CABKA, tho great amnesty meeting at, i. 02, 63