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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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Calais, meeting of Parnell and Messrs. W. O'Brien and Dillon at, ii. BIB
Callan, Mr., I 1R8, 180
Campbell, Mr. (Varnoll'8 secretary), ii. 125,17*2, 180, 284, 285, 310
Campbell-Ban nerman, Bir II., ParnelPs opinion of him as Irish Secretary, ii. 838
Canada, Parnoli's visit to, i. 205, 200
Canning: his description of the Catholic Ansoeiation, i. 241
Carew, Mr., ii. 847
Carey, the ' Invincible,1 i. 854 and note; ii. 8
Carlisle, Lord: hi« friendly relations with the 1'arnulL family, i. 45
Carlow, Parnell*H speech at, ii. 881
Carnarvon, Earl of, Viceroy, ii. 47, 40; opposed to coercion, 50; his interviews with Parnell, 51-57. See also Carnarvon Controversy
Carroll, Dr., i. 109 note
Castleroagh, Lord, i. 9, 10
Catholic Association, i. 18, 241
Catholic Church, supports the Home Hula movement, i, ill; Parneli's relations with it, 172, 222; ii. 305, 307; it* hostility to Parnoll, 805, 840. #«<s alm> Priests
Catholic question : in Grattan's time, i. 7, 8, 12; Emancipation Act (1829), IB, 180
Cavendish, Lord Frederick, murder of, i. 853-808
Chamberlain, Mr., i. 187,188, 190, 266; his opposition to coercion, 888; his share in arranging the Kilmainham treaty, 837-3111), 341, 842; Parneli's relations with him, ii. 45; deprecates Home Bale, 100, 118; his relations with Mr. Gladstone, 111), 120, 128; his resignation of office, 120; his relations with Parnell and his opinion of him, 180-130; his views on Home
139 141; s the man who killed thti Homo Hub Bill/ 158
Chamber*, Corporal, lib retaaao from prison, i. 132
ChesH-pluyor, Panu41 at* a, i. 823
Childm'H, Mr,, favours loral self-government in Ireland, ii, 105
Chipping Norton, Panudi'a Hohool-lifa at, i. 88
Church of Ireland, DiMmtablishcul, Purnoli IHMHHIWH a mcmibor of the Bymnl of, i. 57
Churchill, Lord Randolph, ii. 81; PamciH'H opinion of him, 43, 44; take« ofttac, 47; on th« policy of tho Liberal Oovorn-ment,49; 118
Clancy, Mr., ii. 289, 278, BIO
Clan-na-Ooal, th«: Hit position towardt* jmrHamcmtarianitutt, i. 1ISH; confrmuu) Iwtwtwn one of iti loaders and Parnell and j others in London, 151), KM); terms of alltancio between th« lievalutloniMtK and ConMtitution-aliHtH HVibnilUwd to l»aniell, 1(19; JtH reiationn with Parnoll during hii vwit to America (1880), 200-208 ; Ihmwll (lUHkeH it, 212; UH di«tru»t of I'armdl, 242; di»«i»tiHlon« cm the parliamentarian qtuwticiti,. 241^241!; ite control of the* National League of America, II. It); tho dynamilo indicy, 2«, W)
Clarkenwell dtxplonion, i. 180
Cloiure, the, i, 288,2H4,280; ii. 178 nvfa
Cooroion : Initurreetion Act (lH17)f i. W, 18, *Jmi; Iliicgftfs npc«oh on the BUI of 1875, 8:1-84 ; Bill of 1881, SOH-DHG; after thii Phdtnlx Park murderg, 889; ii. 1, 46 note*, during the *Caai-paign,* 178
OollingK, Mr. Jem, H. 119, 129
Colthuwt,  Oolonal,   Home   Hale candidate for Cork   County, i. 219 note, 221 Commins, 0r., !i. 255 Committee Boom 15: meeting of Frank, ii. 3