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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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K, Sir Bobert, ii. 157
Edinburgh, Parnell presented with the freedom of, ii. 280, 281 note
Kgan, Mr. Patrick, a member of the supreme council of the Fenian Society, i. 157; one of the treasurers of tho Land League, 105, 241 und note ; 254, 255, 801; retires to Paris, 319 note] letters naid to have been written by him published in tho 'Times,1 ii. 201, 211; Pigott's communications with him, 208-205
Eighty Club, the, Parnoll a guest of, ii. 190, 191, 228-230
England: conflict of English with Irish foiling respecting tho case of tho * Manchester martyrs,' i. 49, 50 ; hostility to Homo Kulc, HI); Purnoll's hatred of England, 98 et /um/m ; entire separation From England advocated by Davitt, ir>7, and by Parnell, J08; Pnrnell begins to become popular in England, ii. 179
Ktmis, Mr,, one of 1'uruell'H intro-thuwrg to tho JI oust) of Com* mtmH, i. 80
Enuw election (1879), i. 191; mtiHH mooting (1880), UNO
KmiiHcorthy, riotouK election meeting at, i. 2111,214
Erne, Lord, i. 237
Kmngton miiurfon, the, ii. 24-27
KviotionB, the prevention of, a leading feature of tho * new departure/ i. 108; table Hhow-ing the number from 1877 to 1HH0, 247 note; afttir the rejection of GlaclHtono'ti Home Uule Bill, 170,178
Bill, H. 15-17
* K'H, the threo,1 i. 2ta, 298, 299
Famine Fund, i. .11)7 ; contribution
from America to, 204 Famine in Ireland, i. 107, 207 Farmer*: their   relation   to   tho
revolutionary movement, i. 100
Fenian Society: its organisation and growth, i. 44 ; arrest and prosecution of members, 45-47 ; the Manchester affair and shooting of Sergeant Brett, 48-51; the influence of Fenianism in forcing Disestablishment and land reform, 58, 59 ; projects the Amnesty Association, 60; Butt's defence of Fenian prisoners (1805-1800), 61, 62; the influence of the society shown by the Tipperary election, 04 note ] attitude towards the Homo Rule movement, 65 nota; four Fenians returned to Parliament in 1874, 09; the question of the oath of allegiance, 09 ; expulsion of Fenians from tho Homo Uule League, 60 ; Parnell regards Fenianism as tho key of Irish nationality, 87 ; the influence of Fenianism brings Parnoll into power, 98, 121; tho Fenians got tired of Homo llulo, 104; its connection with the Home Kulc Confederation of Groat Britain, 120-122 ; its views regarding 1'urnell, 140; Parnell's relations with Fonians in 1878, 155.109; dimculties of reconciling Faruanism with Par-lianumtarianiBm, 156-138 ; disruption in the council on the Parliamentarian question, 157; the affair of the * Juno * raid,' 238, 284; Fenian aupport of Parnell in the last days of his life, ii. 840 Finnigan, Mr., elected for Ennis,
i. 11)1
Fitzgerald, Dr.: meeting of Irish members and the reading of the Parnell manifesto at hit* house, ii. 257-200
Fitzgerald, Judge, i. 45, 202 Fitzmaurioe, Lord Kdmond, i. 297 FitzwilLiam, Lord, i. 8 ; ii. 82 Flogging in tho army, question of,
i. 180-400 Ford, Patrick, proprietor of  thoii. 3