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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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Monaghan,  21;   45;   his opposition to the election of Captain O'Shea  for Gal way,  122-127; speech   in   favour   of   Parnell retaining the leadership   after the divorce case, 244 ; 278, 279, 282, 308, 334; Mr. Gladstone's opinion of him, 364 JTealy, Mr. Maurice, i. 361 Heneage, Mr., i. 297 ; ii. 129 Hennessy's, Sir John Pope, candidature and election for North Kilkenny, ii. 289, 308 Heron, Mr., candidate for Tipper-
ary, i. 64 note
Hicks-Beach,  Sir Michael,  Chief Secretary for Ireland, i. 89; his allusion   to   the   ' Manchester murderers,' 95 ; ii. 47, 93,170 Hill, 'Jack, i. 3
Hobson, Mr., his account of an incident during Parnell's visit to Creggs, ii. 349, 350 Hogg, Mr., ii. 207 Home Government Association, the, establishment of, i. 64-67 ; the name altered to the ' Home Eule League' (g.w.) 6? Home Eule: the sole Paraellite rallying-cry in the General Election of 1885, ii. 97-98; the Press on the question, 98; Lord Hartington's views, 99; Mr. Chamberlain speaks on the question, 100; Mr. J. Morley protests against separation, 101; an interview with Mr. Gladstone on the subject, 101-103; outline of Parnell's Home Eule scheme, 114, 115; Mr. Gladstone willing to establish an Irish Parliament, 115; Mr. Gladstone's enthusiasm on the subject, 191-196; increasing favour towards it in England, 1% Home Eule Bill, Mr. Gladstone's,
ii. 142-145, 152-155 Home Eule Confederation of Great Britain, L 120;  circumstances ,  of its formation, 121-123;  its
influence on the Irish vote in English constituencies, 123-127; Parnell elected president in the place of Butt, 144-146; Parnell takes a leading part in its business, 170 ; annual meeting held in Dublin (1878), 173
Home Eule League: resolutions defining the objects of the society, i. 68 ; Parnell a member of the council, 77; number of Home Eulers in the House of Commons in 1875, 80; debate in the House on Home Eule (1876), 95, 96; Parnell's speech at Liverpool on Home Eule (1876), 100.-102; the Home Eule pledge, 122-127; Conference at Dublin, January 1878, 153, 154; the resolution to keep aloof from the elections of 1880, 212
Hopwood, Mr., i. 187,188
Horgan, Mr.: his account of the Cork City and Cork County elections, i. 214-222; his wedding attended by Parnell, 263-265; gives an account of a lecture by Parnell at Cork, ii. 39, 40 ; his talk with Parnell about Gladstone, 175, 176; gives a description of Parnell's condition after the fight in Committee Eoom 15, 297-298
House of Commons: Parnell's first introduction, i. 80; number of Home Eulers in 1875, 80; attitude of Butt on the Home Eule question, 81, 82; Biggar's speech on coercion, 82-84; Parnell's maiden speech, 85; Parnell's views of. the position of Irish members, 86; Home Eule members despised, 89; Whiggism amongst the Irish party, 90; Irish members voted down by ' brutal majorities,' 91; Irish measures of 1876, 91; Parnell's first notable utterance, 95, 96; Irish questions ignored