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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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Land courts, i. 293, 297, 302, 307 Land laws, a change in them to be brought about only by revolution, i. 174
Land League, the: i. 176, 178; its formation, 195; arrest of Davitt, Daly, and Killen, 196; agitation commenced by Parnell on the rejection of the Compensation for Disturbance Bill, 235 foil; adoption of boycotting, 237 foil.; its growing power, 240; prosecution of leading members, 254, 262; many members imprisoned, 286; convention at Dublin (1881), 305; issue of a manifesto after the imprisonment of Parnell, 319 ; its suppression, 329, 365 Land League, American, i. 207,
306 Landlord   and   tenant,   relations
between, i. 164 note Landlordism and English misrule dependent on each other, i. 240 Land nationalisation, i. 365, 377;
ii. 34-36
Land of Ireland, the, to be the basis of Irish nationality, i. 166, 167
Lane, Mr., ii. 256, 283, 284 Larkin: his trial and execution in
Manchester, i. 48, 49 Law, Mr., Irish Attorney-General,
i.299 Lawson, Mr. Justice, attempt to
assassinate, i. 374 Lawson, Sir Wilfrid, i. 124 Leader of the Irish parliamentary party, Parnell  elected, i.  223; qualities of Parnell as, 224, 225, 230. See also Leadership, &c. Leadership of the Irish party after the   O'Shea   divorce case, the question of Parnell's:  ii.  239-282;   declaration of allegiance to Parnell by prominent members,   239-245;   Nonconformist opposition, 246, 247, 267, 268, 269;   Mr.   Gladstone's   letter, 248, 250-253, 367 ; first meeting
on the subject in Committee Boom 15, 248, 249 ; Parnell re-elected sessional chairman, 249; difference of opinion among Irish members, 255, 256; Parnell's manifesto, 258-266; Messrs. Dillon, W. O'Brien, and T. P. O'Connor, &c. abandon Parnell, 267 ; views of the three partiesóLiberals, Anti-Parnell-ites, and Parnellites, 267-275 ; motion in Committee Room 15 to terminate Parnell's chairmanship, 277; a manoeuvre of Parnell's, and a deputation to Mr. Gladstone, 277-281; withdrawal from Parnell of Mr Justin McCarthy and forty-four other members, 282; Parnell left with twenty-six adherents, 282; ' scenes ' in the Committee Boom, 283-288; the Boulogne negotiations and their failure, 310-329
Leahy, Mr., ii. 239 Leamy, Mr., ii. 239, 257, 279, 291 Leeds,  Mr.  Gladstone  denounces Parnell's action and policy at, i. 307
Legislative independence of Ireland.    See  Parliament,   Irish, Home Bule, &c. Lewis, Mr. George, and the Pigott
case, ii. 211 foil
Limerick (City), election of 1871 at, i. 67; freedom of the city presented to Parnell, 255 Liverpool:   Parnell   addresses   a Home  Bule   meeting   on   his return from the United States, i. 100-102 ; Parnell's address ia 1885, ii. 108 Lloyd, Mr. Clifford, circular issued
by, i. 325 note Love of fatherland in Irishmen, i.
Lowther, Mr. James, i. 185 Luby, Thomas Clarke, one of the managers of the * Irish People,' i. 44; his arrest trial, and sentence, 45, 46
COtlifoll. Inactivity of Parnell between IHH'J