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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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colleagues,   see  under   various
names, societies, Ac.)
Parnell,  Miss   Delia   (afterward*
Mrs. Livingston Thomaon), i, .Hi)
ParneU, Miss Emily. Sec Diokinaon,
Mrs. Tarnell, Miss Fanny, i, 80, 36, 44,
186, 373 note Parnell, Hayes, i. 30 Parnell, Sir Henry. See Congleton,
first Lord Parnell, Mr. Henry Tudor, i. BO,
75 Parnell, Mr. John, judge of Court
of Kind's Bench, i. 1, *J, (» Parnell, Sir John (1), i. 0 Parnell, Sir John (2), i. 0, 7-11; his work in the Irish Parliament, 7;   conversation with  Pitt on | Catholics   and   Proteatants   in j Ireland, 7, 8; attitude on the ! question of  the  Union,  8-10; i Mr. Addington's tribute to hln j memory, 11; his children* 11 Parnell, Mr. John AuguBtux, i. 11 Parnell, Mr. John Henry, father of Charles Stewart Parnell, i. 20, 28,31
Parnell, Mrs. John Henry, her parentage and her marriage, i. 20; her antipathy to the English, 29, 31), 45; her death, 28; resemblance in mental qualities to her son, 0, S. Parnell, 30; her house raided by detectives, 47; Parnell'B last letter to her, ii. S48
Parnell, Mr. John Howard (Par-nell's brother), i. BO, 82, 88, 84, 35, 36, .87, S9, 44, 54, 55-57, 70,71 note; candidate for Wick-low, 71
Parnell, Biohard, i. 1 Parnell, Miss Sophia, i. 30 Parnell, Miss Theodoaia, i. BO Parnell, Thomas (1), i, 1 Parnell, Thomas (2), i. 1 Parnell, Thomas (8), i. 1 Parnell, Thomas (4), the poet, 1. 1-5;   his   essay on * Different Styles of Poetry,' 4; introduction
to Lord linlinfthroke, 4 ; death, f>; l*ope.*H monumtmt to hU fat no, **»» 0
Parmtll, TohiiiH, i. 1
Paruell, William (1), i. I
Parnell, William f*J)» grandfather of CiiarlfH Htnwart i'nrnell, i, 11; his character, Ul; pamphlet on lh« Irlnh qtuHtinn, it), 17 ; condmnnatiun of ttt^ Union, 17 ; bin * HiKtorteal Apology-,1 17, 18; friondfthipwith Thomas Moore*, IB, til; imtttrH i'artia* nu»nt, tiO ; hin death, UO
Parn»j|, William (»), i, Sll
ConuniHHion, I,  878;   it.
tribute, tht.\ ii,
« and Grime' inrlleltti i» th« •Timi'H/ it. 1!>7» 1M
* Pnrn^lliitin Unntanktui,* ii* "Mffi
ParnellV nmnif«Mtt>, ii. *JI»H *Jfti!
Patrick, Mr. F.» <w« of l*tirnvii'« tutow at Castibridito, i. 41
Pcftfuini proprietary; tan ding feature of this * new deimrtttrt)/ i. NW, 174; faoilitated by ilitt Laud Bill (IKHI), *JP3 ; a Tory solution of Iritth troubieN, 8»4 ; a chief feature in ilt« pro-gramnio of thu Nationni iit»it|fin*t 870; included in Mr, (HftdMtoiw'* Home Uule Bill, ii. 144
Pod, Bir Itobert, L 11
Philadelphia, Iriah eonvention at, ii. 17-1U
Phtwnix Park murders, L Sf»!l St?4»;
ii. 18, Bill, 1170
Pigott, Hiehard, proprietor of lli« * Irishman,1 d:o.,i*HOD; hinfurled litter and ita            upon l*ar«
noli, Ii. 197"9i01; the             «f
his plot to ruin the FurneUitt* cause and his tvldfiiieti tafortt the Special Gommisiiion, 215; help given to him by IIr. Vorster, SOS-SOS; hii to Mr, Laboacheret disappearance from London, wad
Pitt: his oonfertnoes with Gmttun,i. 1CU-10J), 181 Indepivndent Irish party in Parlia-