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W. M. THACKERAY'S WORKS. -The Biographical Edition*
In course of issue, in 15 Monthly, Volume*, large crown Hv«. cluttu gilt io(t. 61, each, This N«w and Revised Edition €«m|m*t«m attdiiumat material utttt hitit«rto unpublished letters, Sketches, ami Drawing*, * criy«d fmm the Author 'lOtigUiiil ManuKcripu and Note«Haok«t; and each Volume UH'lutlv* Memoir in the form t»f an Introduction by Mm, RICHMOND Rm'Kir.
*** Proiipectuit pout free «** appl!ttath»n.
W.  M.   THACKERAY'S   WORKS    Th«t   Standard   Edition.
a6 vote, large 8vo. ntwr, AV, each, Thi* Kdititm contain* i*»mr wf Mr. TwAtJKfcKAV's
writings which had not twten ««vi4H*«4y t't»U«i:i«Mtl, Vtilh many additional !M«*» tration*. It has been printed tram new ty$w tin tine pa{*»r, n»i!, with the exception of the Edition do I ,u\r, u »s the largest ami handsiitneiit wlttion thit h,i . IM^II pubikhetl.
W; M. THACKERAY'S WORKS. - The Library Edition. 24 voi».
large crown 8vo, nantlpomety bound in rloth* £g i »r hitlf-ruiiHa, marble ettgr^
£13, *jx. With IHunmtiaiw by th« Author* KicharU Doyle, and FrnUrivIc Walker.
%* The VolumcN ar« iwld «eparaiely( in cloth, 7*. M tarli,
W. M. THACKERAY*S WORKS, -The Popular Edition. 13 vol».
crown 8vo. with Frontl»pi«e« to each Volume* near let cluch, gilt t«i|*» £j, |i. ; or half-Morocco, gilt, ^5. t of.
%* line Voiumet ar« sold ntpaimtetyi ift grt«n clwth» 5*. tatth,
W, M. THACKERAYfS WORKS. -Cheaper Illttstrated Edition.
a6 vols. crown 8vo. bound in cloth, ^4« * «*• » w haiwliumely ttuunU in half-morocco. ^8* **• Containing marly all th« »mall Woodcut UlutKratbint of ih« former Editions and many new ll)u«raili«wby tmit»«t»t Artmtn.
*«* The Volumei ar« fold stparately^ In clotb, y, A«/, «»eh.
W. M. THACKERAY'S WORKS.-Th© Poeteat Edition.   37 voli,
bound i« cloth, with gilt top, i*. 6>/. «ach ; or t #, in pat MBT t»v«r»
*^a The Vcilwmes ar« aha supplied as rolinwi :   •
Th® NOVELS, xs vols, in gold-taMrod I Tht MISCEtLAHISS.   14 volt. In goW-do tli case, ax4r,                                 {       ieitewd elath         an.
MISS  THAOKBRArr^ORk^Unifto'rm   Edition,     Each
Volume  Illustrated by a  Vigmtite Title-page,    id voli*   large crown Ivo.
xor. wch.
CONTENTS, —OH Kenaington— The Village on the Cl!flT»-'Piv« Ok) FrSendi afid a Younpf Prince—To Rather, &e.-Blu«b«wrdili K^yi» He.— The Storj of Rtbaheth j Two Hour« ; From an Inland "-ToUers and Sirinnters — Mls» Angel i Ftitham Lawn—Miif Williamson'i Divagations— Mm. Dymond.
BRONT&— Library Edition*    7 vols.           containing 5 !ll*»tmti0»s»
crown 8vo, 5*. «aeb.
CONTENTS, --Jane Eyre— Shirley— Vlllette -Tenant of Wildfelt Hall - Wntherlng Heights— The Professor ; and Poems -~ Life of Charlotte Brawi.
Also the POPULAR EDITION, In 7 vols. small post 8m limp cloth : or cloth boards, gilt top, a*. 6rf. mch. And the POCKET EDITION, in j wk smalt tep. 8yo., each with a Frontwpitioe, bound In cloth, with gilt top, w. W. ptr v0tu»« ; dr tot Het, in gold-lettered clotn CM@I IM, <»./.
MRS.  GASKELL'S WORKS.— Uniform Edition,   7 voUu etch
containing 4 Illustrations, 31. t></. each, bound In ei0th,
CONTENTS. —WivM and Daughterf— North and S0uth"~Syl¥lats Loveri— Crawford, and other Tales- Mary Barton, and other Tales— Ruth, and oth«r fates -Lissi* Ltlgh, and other
Alto the POPULAR EDITION, in 7 volt, small wm 8m limp cloth j or cloth boards, gilt top, a*, mch. And the POCKET EDITION, in 8 v0I§. wtaU ftp. 8va, bound In doth, with gilt top, u, 6d> prr volam« ; or the &«t} In gold-le tte r«o cloth
LEIGH HUNT'S WORKS.    7 wit. fcp. 8vo. limp cloth ; or cloth
boards, gilt top, a*. (W, each.
CONTENTS.— Im^cinMk»« and Fa«ey*—Th« Town— Autobiography of Ltlfih Hunt— M«, Women, and Books— Wife and Humour— A Jar of Honey firan* Mowfit HyWa--Table-talk.                     _
""": "SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo