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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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'A work absolutely indispensable to every well-furnished library.'—THE TIMES.
Royal Svo.   Price 15$. each net^ in cloth ; or in half-morocco, marbled edges> 2<w. net. VOLUMES 1-57 (ABBADIE-TYTLER) OF THE
Volume /. was published on January I, 1885, and a further Volume will be issued quarterly until the completion of the work, which will be
effected within two years from the present date.
NOTE.—A. Full Prospectus of * The XHctionary of National Biography,' with Specimen JPages, may be had upon application.
FROM A RECENT NOTICE OF THE WORK IN THE fWORLD/ ' The present instalment of this really great work is fully equal in every respect to its predecessors. Mr. Sidney Lee and his staff of contributors, indeed, have left nothing undone which the reader could wish or expect them to do, and the publishers may be congratulated on the approaching conclusion of an enterprise of which the success is as conspicuous as its merits, and in the department of literature to which it belongs unparalleled and unprecedented.'
TRUTH.—* I am glad you share my admiration for Mr. Stephen's magnum opus—
"The Dictionary of National Biography." A dictionary of the kind had been attempted so often before by the strongest men—publishers and editors—of the day that I hardly expected it to succeed. No one expected such a success aslt has so far achieved.*
THE ATHENAEUM.— "The latest volumes of Mr. Stephen's Dictionary are FULL OF
.'. .Altogether the volumes are good reading. What is more important, the articles, whether th»y are on small or great personages, are nearly all up to the high standard which has been set in the earlier portions of the work, and occasionally above it.'
SATURDAY REVIEW.—'From the names we have .cited it will be seen that g^reat pains have been taken with that portion of the Dictionary which relates to modern times, and this has been rightly done ; for often nothing is more difficult than to find a concise record of the life of a man who belonged to our own times or to those just preceding them. Consistently enough, the Editor has been careful to keep the work reasonably up to date.'
THE SPECTATOR.—'As each ^volume of the Dictionary appears, its merits become -more conspicuous. . . . The book ought to commend itself to as wide a circle of buyers as the " Encyclopaedia Britannica."'
THE MANCHESTER EXAMINER AND TIMES.—'We extend a hearty welcome to the latest instalment of a most magnificent work, in which both the editing and the writing appear still to improve.*
THE QUARTERLY REVIEW.—' A "DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY," OF WHICH THE COUNTRY MAY BE JUSTLY PROUD, which, though it may need correcting and supplementing, will probably never be superseded, and which, in unity, of conception and aioa» in the number of the names inserted, in fulness and accuracy of details, in the-care and precision with which the authorities are cited, and in the bibliographical information given, will not onlv be immeasurably superior to any work o« the kind which has been produced in Great Britain, but will as far surpass the German and Belgian biographical dictionaries now in progress as these two important undertakings are in advance of the two jgreat French collections, which until lately reigned supreme in the department of Biography/
The Rev. Dr. JESSOPP in the Nineteenth Century.—' The greatest literary undertaking that has ever been carried out in England. . . . We shall have a Dictionary of National Biography such as no other nation in Europe can boast of, and such as can never be wholly superseded, though it will need to be supplemented for the requirements of our posterity.'
THE LANCET.—'The usefulness, fulness, and general accuracy of this work become more and more apparent as its progress continues. It is a classic work of reference as
THE PALL MALL GAZETTE.—*As to the general execution/ we can only repeat the high praise which it has been our pleasing duty to bestow on former volumes. To find a name omitted that should have been inserted is well-nigh impossible/
London: SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.