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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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2                  CHAELES STEWART PARKELL
died one of the judges of the Irish Court of King's Bench.1
Thomas, the poet, was born in Dublin in. 1679. A bright lad with a remarkable memory, he attracted the special attention of Dr. Jones, to whose school he was first sent, and afterwards sustained his early reputation by a distinguished career at college. Matriculating at Dublin University in 1693, he took his degree in 1697. Then, entering the.,Church, he was ordained Deacon in 1700, and Priest in 1703. In 1704 he became Minor Canon of St. Patrick's, and in 1706 Archdeacon of Clogher. Soon afterwards he married Miss Anne Minchin, of Tipperary—a beautiful girl, to whom he was passionately attached. His life was soon divided between literary pursuits and Church, affairs. In 1709 Convocation appointed a committee to consider the best means for converting the Irish Catholics, and Parnell was made its chairman. But his heart was in literature. He now paid frequent visits to London, and mingled in the society of the wits of the day. He was very popular, prized for his conversational gifts and scholarly attainments. With Pope he was a special favourite, while Swift held him in high esteem. The former was always impatient of his absence in Ireland, and would often write to urge his return to his English friends.
'Dear sir/ says Pope in one of these letters, 'not only as you are a friend, and a good natni:ed wan, but. as you are a Christian and a divine, come back speedily and prevent the increase of my sins; for at the rate I have began to rave, I shall not only damn all the poets, and commentators who have gone before me,
1 Head, Congleton, Past and Present.