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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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THOMAS PAKNKLL                                4
niysclf by all who eome after me. To brt , you have not only left mo to the last <ltj;iv* for your return, who at all times should huv been &o (though never HO much as ninee I knew you in "best health here), but you have wrought s**virl xniraiclcs upon our family. You have made old foxacl of a young and gay person, and inveterate of &> clergyman of the*. Chureh of Knglnnd, Kvm mi rat* herself is in danger of being in love in her old a?; mid, fox ttifht I know, would even marry Denni?-* for \tnir sake, he*, is your man, and lo\vs his m%f4r, fu sb.ort conic down forthwith, or^ivi* m Mnl n-{i-:-*ni fox clolaying, though hut for a day or t.\vo, hv I lit* itr\i post. 'If I find them just, I will ruiitt* up to yt*u, th.on^rl^ you must know how preeiaui my tintr i*-i a,i present'; my hours were ne\vr \vurfli M> mtirli inoury before ; but perhaps you an? not srm,il*!t' nf tlu;>, \\li> give txvvay your own works. You an* n ^rnt<f<tni arttlior ; I, a hackney serilihler. You lU'cMt tii-rcmit ami bred ibt a Univrity; J a poor Ku^Uhhuiuii, of my twti ediacating. You are a rcm*rend pamm, I. a \vit#, lit sh.orty you aro a Doctor Parnullu (with nit r ni thi mil of ycmr name), and I your obliged und ut'ti-ftimiuto frieaacl and faithful Hervant.'
Ii\ August 1711, ranutU lost Iti.s wifi% mul h.-r desttli socms to liave overwh^lnu-d him \\nh j*rtrf. N"eax-ly a year later Swift wroh? in hih  Jnunml tu StrJlA*: 'On Sunday Archdeacon Pururll nnut* hiru to wn iiin, It seeiUB he han btuut ill for ^ric*f f lag \vifoV* il^mlii, and. IIIXH been two inontliH itt Hath, Hv Imn a himt Ui go to Dunkirk with Jack Hill, mid 1 prrMtwUrtl fum to it, a*i\cl have Hpoktt tt> Hill to rnvivo him, Imi I ct he won't have spirit to go/
Towards the end of'jTl-J Pttnieil wmb n jiit
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