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SIR  HENRY  PARNKLL                          H
(•ailed to high office in corrupt days, he never used his position for the advancement of a single member of his family ; he never tinder any circumstances allowed personal considerations to interfere with hin lofty conceptions of public duty. Ho was no orator; but his speeches commanded the attention and respect always given to a man who speaks with the authority which knowledge, sense, and honesty confer, A short time after his death the Prime Minister, Mr. Addington, paid a just tribute of esteem to his memory, describing him an a man * whom*, loss they deeply deplored and whoso memory would, bo reverenced by all who net any value on a Hound understanding, extensive information, and a benevolent heart.'
Bit* John married LetitJa Charlotte, second daughter und co-heiress of Sir Arthur Brooke, .Mart., of Cole-brooke, County Fermanagh, and had nix children, amongst whom were Henry, the first Lord Congleton, and William, the grandfather of Charles Stewart Parnell.
Henry Parnell had a distinguished career. Bom in 1770, he was educated at Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1797 he entered the Irish Parliament, and took Ids place in the National ranks, in the struggle against the Union. On his father's death in 1H01 ho Hucoooded to the family entateB which had been settled on him by Act of Parliament in 17HU, owing to the incurable mental and physical disabilities of bin eldest brother, John Augustus. Entering the English Parliament in April 1802, he retired before the end of thu year; only, however, to return to active life early in IHOI) an member for the Queen's County. Appointed a Commissioner of the Treasury in Ireland under the ahort-livod (Irenville Administration (IB0<5™7)»he found