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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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stoutness. His complexion is fair, his features am regular, with a mild expression about them; and his hair is pure white,11 Sir Henry published several books, the most important of which is a 'History of the "Penal Lawn against Irish Catholics from H»B9 to the Union '—the best work, perhaps, on the subject.
He married Lady Caroline Elizabeth Pawson, eldest daughter of tho first Karl of Portarlington, by whom he had five children, three daughters and two nons,
Sir Henry's youngest brother, William—the grandfather, as has been Html, of Charlea Htewart Parnell — was born about 17HO. Of bin early years little in known. But in 1H01 he succeeded, under his fathcr*H will, to the property of Avondale, which had been settled on Hir John Pantell by a friend and admirer* Samuel Hayes, barrister-at-law. William Pnrnell was a modest, retiring man, fond of his books and bin homo ; and, though keenly interested in political affairs, unwilling to take, active part in public life. An enemy of the Union, a friend to the Catholics, a good landlord, a just magistrate, amiable, benevolent, syni* pathetic, he wan very popular uwong,st the prople in whose midst he lived, and \vlu>,se wrlfan* hi* studied. From his quiet retreat near the beautiful Yale of Avoca ho watched the political Mtrugglc beyond, und even sometimes guvt* wtfiw of tin* fidth that WHH iit him* In 1805 he piiblt«liiHl a jmitijililct, ^ntilli^l, • An Enquiry into tint Cannes uf Popular Dittecmti'iit/ out tlta caitHcs thun:
1 Int. Thti rei:ollc»ctic)iiH which <!Xtnt  in   Ireliiinl of being a conquered people,
1 *Jntl The great confmcation of privnie |-*ropi*rty.
$ liatnh't)i AV«W/fr//,*«.? *»/ th? //*•««.^ r/ C*iiin»i«fii,