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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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WILLIAM   PARNJKLL                               37'
13rd. The distinctions between Protestants and Catholics.
' 4th. The distinction between the members of the Church of England and the Presbyterians.
' 5th. Tithes.
1 6th, The degraded state of the peasantry.
* 7th. The influence of a llepublican Party.
' 8th. The Union.'
He devotes many pa^es to a vigorous condemnation of the Union, putting the ease at one point very happily, thus: 4 The reasoning and practice of the Union was very like a transaction in u Mon Onelo Thomas." A grenadier sold his son's toeth to a dentist. Tho only difficulty was to persuade the child to part with them. Tho contracting parties took the favourable opportunity of a .severe fit of toothache and reasoned the matter thus : ** This tooth you are going to have drawn gives you a great deal of pain ; all the vest will decay in their turn, and give you an much pain ; therefore, while you are about it, you bad better have thorn all drawn at once.'1 " Oh, but," said the child, " how should I be able to clunv my victuals? " " That in easily nettled/' said the father ; " I will chew them for you/* Tho, English/ said Parnoll, ' have the disposition of a nation accustomed to Umpire. Anything that compromises their own dignity is out of the question. ..But the*, dignity of any other nation never makes any obstacle, to their measures.' A few yearn later lw •published the work by which he is best known, 'An .Historical Apology for the Irish Catholics.' This in a remarkable little* book, .showing an intimate knowledges of Irish history, and displaying both literary skill anil logical acuiwn. 'Faking up th*.1. argument that Irish disaffection springs from ivlijjioiitf causon, ho proven
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