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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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2                 CHARLES  STKWAHT PARNKLL
rescued a number of women and ehilden who had been wrecked while escaping from a revolution in Ban Domingo. This gallant action brought a despatch of grateful acknowledgment from the Spanish Governor of the island to the President of the United States.
In iHiKi he was despatched on a graver mission. The United States had made war on Tripoli for insults offered to the American flag, and Stewart was sent to co-operate with Captain Trible, who commanded the American squadron in the Mediterranean. In the operations which followed (.1803, 1801) Stewart again. distinguished himself; supporting Lieutenant Dicatut in bin successful efforts to re-capture the frigate * Philadelphia/ which had fallen into the hand of the Tripolitans; seizing a British and a Greek vessel, which had attempted to run the blockade of the harbour; and leading the attack on the enemy's flotilla in the bombardment of the town. For these services he was promoted to the rank of master-commandant.
He was next sent in the * Kssex' to Tunis, where fresh troubles had arisen. The American Consul, fearing an attack on the. consulate, had fled to the fleet. A council of war was held. Operations against the town wore suggested. But Stewart said, ' No/ 'War had not been declared by the United States against Tunis, and the fleet, therefore, could not act. The fleet could not declare war. Congress alone could do that. Negotiations, ho urged, should bo re-opened with the Bey. This advice was taken. Negotiations were re-opened. They were carried to a successful issue. The Consul was sent back, and peaceful relations were established* Thus Stewart proved himself a skilful diplomatist aB well as a hard fighter. His sound constitutional views and admirable tact on this