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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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ENGLAND AND AMEllICA                     23
occasion won the  high  commendation  of  President Jefferson.
In 1806 he was promoted to the rank of captain, and, a season of peace having supervened, ho returned to the merchant service.    1 hit on the breaking out of the war with England in 181V2  he once, more joined the  navy.     England   claimed   the   right   to   search American vessels  for   English   sailors.     The  United States repudiated this claim, and resolved to resist it by force.    The Government at first derided to act on the defensive, collecting the, fleet clone to the American shore  to await events.     Stewart and   Captain  Ham-bridge, however, pointed out that thin would be a fatal policy, and proposed instead   that the? vessels should put to sea and attack the Britisher wherever he watt to   be found.     Their views  finally prevailed, am! in January   1813   Stewart  was   ordered   to   sail   in   the frigate ' Constellation' from Washington   to   Norfolk, and thence to the open sea.    .But on reaching Norfolk he found a British ileet in the ofling.    .Dropping down the river, the American captain  anchored  abreast of Crancy Island, to cover the fortifications which were in  course  of  constriction.     There   ho   wan   grealJy exposed to the enemy.     But he  prepared a  plan of defence which baffled bin foes and won the admiration of naval experts,    The 'Constellation ' wan anchored in the middle of a narrow channel.    On each .side of her were  seven gunboats.     A. circle of  booms protected the gunboats from being boarded,  and enabled them at the same time to maintain a flanking fire on all assailants of the frigate.    On hoard the frigate hertielf the greatest precautions were taken,    Tim gun-cltteki were housed, the ports shut in, the Btern ladders taken away, and the gangway eleatn removed,    Not a rope