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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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PAKNELL'S  MOTHER                            29
easily be moved from her opinions. She was certainly a woman of convictions, independent, fearless, resolute; indifferent to established conventions and animated by one fixed idea, a rooted hatred of England; or rather, as she herself put it, of ' English dominion.' ' How came it,' I said, 'that your son Charles had such an antipathy to the English?' 'Why should he not?' she answered, with American deliberation. ' Have not his ancestors been always opposed to England ? My grandfather Tudor fought against the English in the War of Independence. My father fought against the English in the war of 1812, and I suppose the Parnells had no great love for them. Sir John Parnell fought against the Union and gave up office for Ireland, and Sir Henry was always on the Irish side against England, and so was my son's grandfather William. It was very natural for Charles to dislike the English ; but it is not the English whom we dislike, or whom he disliked. We have no objection to the English people ; we object to the English dominion. We would not have it in America. Why should they have it in Ireland ? Why are the English so jealous of any outside interference in their affairs, and why are they always trying to dip their fingers in everybody's pie ? The English are hated in America for their grasping policy; they are hated everywhere for their arrogance, greed, cant, and hypocrisy. No country must have national rights or national aspirations but England. That is the English creed. Well! other people don't see it; and the English are astonished. They want-us all to think they are so goody goody. They are simply thieves.'
Although there was no physical resemblance that I  could  discern between Mrs. Parnell  and   Charles