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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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72                   CHARLES STICNVAUT  PAUNKLI,               I i*M
election came off, and I was left ut the bottom of the
poll/ l
But the. Wieklow eleetion WHS praetieally Urn beginning of .Parnell's public* career. He wan now bent on plun^in^ headl<m^ into polities ut thr !in4 opportunity.
The opportunity noon came. Colonel Taylor, <»iie of the members for Dublin County, had become Chan-collor of the Duchy in Mr, Disraeli'** Ministry* and had to Beek re-election on his appointment tn i»fliet\. The Home Kule Ijeague, of whieh Parnril wan n«»w a ineniberl renolvetl to eonte«t the «t*at.. It wtmlii, they knew, be a hopetenn battle. Still they felt that the contest would rally the Home Hulern of lite munty, and 'be an incentive to action as well an it te^t t»f strength, ,'But who would <*ut<*r the lt.'»t for thi-i denperattt conflict? A ,str*»n^ (Candidate, a e.uiuiiduti* of means, was essential, I'arnell nflVrnl tu jump into the brcaclt. Hut liis offer was not tjuiti* ri'{*;trdrd \\iili Stitisfaetion. He was n landlord and a l'r«*tr^titni, mid he came of a *?ood tild ,st«»rlv ; in addition, h*- \\»«uld be able, to pay his own rlreli«»!i <-\prie-.i":, 'rh*--.r thui4';'»
were in his favour. Hut \vi«uld h«* in nth«-r rr-j»rft--i make a good candidate? I*n\»inniilly b»- \\a-j burdly known to thtt counri! of th«* h^a^u*4, A f«-w J|MIH^ HuktH had, indeed, met him, JUtt th»-y hu«l f^iun-d nu
unfavourable cipiiiiiiii of Iiim. it«- \vaf» at tJii'i ttuu- n tall, thin, haiulKoiut\ delinite, ytttiftf* frH»»\v ; v«*rv dilti* dent, very reticent, utterly ignorant of jtt4iii»"ii! iiiLurM, and apparently without any {HiUtinU luriilfy. HIH whole stork of iiifuriiialii*!! about Ifrlitinl II.HM to the history of the Manchi'&tcr luartyrn. If
* Mr, 0. HyrniT (H.H.) fttiii Mr. Din1* iLilirmli *w «W