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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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/Kx. as]         AX   UN PROMISING  CANDIDATE                  75
< I met Parnell/ says Mr. O'Connor Power, * in 1874,
the time of the Dublin election. lie seemed to me a nice gentlemanly fellow, but he was hopelessly ignorant, and seemed to me to have no political capacity whatever. He could not apeak at all. He was hardly able to get up and Bay, u Gentlemen, I am a candidate for the representation oŁ the county of Dublin." We all listened to him with pain while he was on his legs, and felt immensely relieved when he sat down. No one ever thought he would cut a figure in polities. "We thought he would be, a respectable mediocrity.* So much for early promises.
On March 7 Parnell issued his address to the electors of the. county of Dublin, and on March 9 the parish priest of Kathdrmn wrote supporting his candidature, Haying : * His coolness, sound judgment, great prudence and moderation, as well as capacity an a practical man, will bo a great acquisition to the National Party should he be returned for the county of .Dublin/
A few days later the Tories circulated a report that Parnell had treated some of his tenants with harsh ness.
* It ban been Bought/ Parnell said in a public letter dealing with the matter, * to connect mo with some difference between Mr, Henry Parnell and his tenants. In reply to this transparent electioneering trick, I in the most emphatic manner publicly declare that I wan in no way, directly or indirectly, connected with or mixed up in any manner with the said dispute, nor could 1 in any way control or influence the matter,1
AH John had been left at the bottom of the poll in