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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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70                CHARLES  STKWAUT  PAUNT.I.L             ;i^
the Wicklow election, so Charles was left at the bottom of the poll in the Dublin.1
'I well remember/ suit! one of flit4 retainers <»f the Parnell family at Avondale, 'the day Master Charlie came home* when he was beaten at tbe Puhlin el«*etic*n. He walked up here, looking so handsome and jjrand and clevil-may-eure. 4i Well, boys/' be Mtid, *4 I luu beaten, but they an* not dune with m<- yet/1 The driver, nir, who brought him home jiuid tti us after-wardn, ** That's a. regular devil He talked nil tbe way about fighting again and KinaHhiit^ them all, titid bit looked wild. and. fierce." And, NU% Mu»»t«'r Clinrlrii wan a regular devil when bin blond WUH up, mid tit>
Parnell now resumed owe more bi.s «juirt life at Avondah*, atti*ndin»i to bis mine.s bi*i sawmill^, and bin <>tlu»r eountry av<»eatit»nH, un*l ?^» be remained fur
a twt»lveinonlh,    Then an event tn'inirrrd \\bieb tlrew him from bis retreat,
«Iobn   Mitrhel retuniid to   Inlud      Ib-  Ltd  bn n
treaK<»n-felony,     In  1 'v'iH b*   *   »MJ. d fj*., i T« in »,?. and  fleti   to the   Cmiid  St.tti        Tl*-.   !*   i»n«.uijnl
for twerity-fiiiir yuir *. Ju I al < tit fl » IUM* »t hi. arrival in Ireland in Ftbutur) t M'/» ^ \ M M* r\ v i un«»! in tho ri^iriineiitiitiuit *»f Ttj»jei,iir» ll.* \'iu» u Ji f * rcHoivad to liciiniiiiiti! Mttehil, mid )^ wu-* »•*••* i«-d without opptmitton. Tin* f Imitii.? nf the return <>u tlu? grcittnd who had neither received n free jtitnii'ii n«*r {ntri/rtl !a»i crime by nerving this term c*[ hn nn^n^mim'uL A
elooibn.   Wht-n Us** rlwtinii wit^i «*vrr hi* ImnM           llir. at*:ilf i«*
Thw cuiitvttt c«»»| him U.t