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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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*KT. L>9]                      MKATII ELECTION                               77
new writ was accordingly issued in March 1875. But the Nationalists resolved to defy the House of Commons, and to nominate Mitehel again. In this crisis Parnell reappeared.
Writing to the f Freeman's Journal/ and inclosing a cheque for 25?. towards Mitchel's expenses, he said ho hoped that Mitehel would again be returned for Tipperary, and that the ' party vote of the House of Commons' would he thus * reversed/ adding, 'Let the legal question be fought out calmly and fairly afterwards/
The second Tipperary election took place on March 11. Mitehel was opposed by a Tory, but was returned by an overwhelming majority. He, however, never took his Beat. A few days afterwards he fell seriously ill, and died in his native town, Newry, on March 20. Nino days later his old friend and comrade, John Martin, passed away, and a vacancy was thus created In the representation of County Meath. Parnell, who was now a member of the council of the Home Eule League, was put up by the Nationalists.
A short time prior to the election Sir Gavan Duffy arrived in Europe from Victoria. He had scarcely landed at Brindisi when he received the following telegram from an old friend, Father Peter O'Beilly :
' John Martin dead, telegraph will you stand for Meath. At a conference in Kells on Monday twenty-four priests present, much enthusiasm, the bishop not disapproving. Come home, success certain/
This telegram was followed by another, purporting to be signed by William Dillon, the son of John Blake
Dillon, one of Duffy's colleagues in the '48 movement :